Five reasons to become a voice-over actor

voice-over actor

Today most of the students are looking for jobs, and the criteria are convenience and salary! If you want a job in which you get good pay as well as work is interesting, then consider voice acting jobs. A voice actor mainly voice the characters of films and animations as well as commercial. The voice-over actor is also responsible for the reading script on radio stations and television. Nowadays, to become a voice-over actor mean more popular as a profession because these are being used in various fields like audio product and training courses, etc.

In this post, I will be telling you about the top 5 reasons to become a voice-over actor! Have a look at it!

Demanding job-

Voiceover actor is a profession in demand both in the television as well as the film industry! Also the companies like game dubbing, commercial and other demands for the voice actors. And you are free to work as a freelancer from home or work remotely on work sites. Some of the areas demanding voiceover actor are as follows-

  • Audio product developing industry
  • Airports, stations, metro
  • Concert hall
  • Theatres
  • Radio stations
  • TV
  • Game and animation
  • Movies

Voice acting requires creativity, and you need to practice to manage your voice according to the task and convey an emotional message! This profession is best for someone who can do drama, mimicry, singing, or are creative!

Talent oriented job-


Voice acting jobs are real work of art as no film can be a big hit with poor voice acting. A voice actor makes the story feel like a real one and using improvised materials such as sound recorders, room, and object sounds are added to make a film!

It is a fascinating job as your voice is used for various purposes like to make the noise of the sea, raindrops, vehicles, instruments, etc. You can learn a lot of things by working with other artists and working on your voice! Also, when you work with other artists, then you can get prospects for a new project as well!

Flexible work hour- 

Flexible work hour

Voice acting jobs do not involve sitting in a cabin for 8 hours. You don’t have to give your whole day in the office like other jobs. You can work for flexible hours in these jobs, and the rest of the time you can devote to study and enjoy your personal life.

Also if you choose to work from home suit, then you save money which you may otherwise lose in travelling, office clothes, etc. When you work from home, you can be your boss and are not required to be under pressure. You can even practice well from home and use your time in developing your acting skills!

Become a freelance-

When you work as a freelance voice actor, you get the freedom to find and accept projects of your choice. Also, you can easily find clients who offer you the work of your interest. Thus, when you work according to your interest, you won’t get bored with work!

These are the top 5 reasons to become a voice-over actor!

Now let’s look at some of the benefits you will get by opting voice acting jobs!

The surprise element- 

Only a few jobs offer you a surprise element-and make the job thrilling as well as exciting! Voice acting jobs are such a job because you don’t know for which character your voice will be used and it remains surprising.

Voice overs are mainly used in serious stories, advertising, and cartoons! Your voice may fit into different characters, and sometimes your voice is used for more than one character! You may get a chance to voice over the famous cartoon character and make your voice known for a lifetime!

You become highly versatile- 

As a voice actor, you are not only required to voice over a female or male voice! You can also get a chance to voice over an infant, children, or aged woman/man. You can also voice over the voice of a bird, animal, or vehicle! This is really fun and when you voice over so many things and so many characters you become versatile!

Also, according to the changes in the situation, your voice has to change in the movie or animation. So if your character is in a troublesome situation, suddenly have to change your voice according to that situation.

For changing your voice according to the situation and character, you need a lot of practice and hard work! However, it is interesting when you get used to it and become versatile!

Work with different artists- 

In other jobs, you get to see the same faces every day, and you get bored after some time! However, in the voice acting jobs, you get to meet different artists! Meeting new people from time to time makes you excited, and in this way, you can work with different people and know their experiences!

Also, when you work with various directors and producers, you can create a lot of connections, and it offers you opportunities to work on a big project and earn lots of money!

Get a high salary with experience-

Get a high salary with experience

If your voice is recognizable, then your salary won’t be limited. A famous voice actor can get 100 dollars for recording a 30-second commercial. Also, as a beginner, you can earn up to 500 dollars a month. When you become experienced, your salary increases. Hence, you also get good pay along with good work!

These are the benefits and reasons for becoming a voiceover actor! If you choose voice acting jobs as a career at dormzi or any other agencies, then you can experience all these benefits and can become a recognized voice actor.

However, the path to become a voice-over actor won’t be easy, and it will take lots of time and effort to achieve success. If you want to keep your study in continuation and work as part-time, then freelance voice acting will be best for you!

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