Best Cities in Ohio

Best Cities in Ohio

Ohio isn’t one of the first states that people consider when vacationing or moving: but it should be!  This great state has tons to see and do and lots of amazing people that call it home.  If you’re curious about what makes it so great, there are the best cities in Ohio to visit if you’re ever in the area! Let’s see the best cities in Ohio.


Population: over 800,000 people!

Reputation: fun and friendly town, most people rent.

Average Income: $30,400.

Average House Price: $208,000.

As the state capital of Ohio, Columbus works hard to embrace the future and past of this state all in one go.  This city has dozens of museums, art exhibits, and memorials to show that this state takes itself seriously and has a clear vision for where it wants to head. In addition, the streets of Columbus are extraordinarily walkable, and you’ll feel lost in the fun and excitement you can find here.


Population: over 140,000 people!

Reputation: a fun-loving aviation foodie town.

Average Income: $18,600.

Average House Price: $88,500.

Dayton, Ohio, is best known for its long history in aviation.  This city is home to the national museum for the air force and has dozens of other incredible museums and destinations for everyone to enjoy.  Although it has the lowest average income in the state, the cost of living here is low enough to make it almost worth it.  This also means vacationing here can be done on the cheap!


Population: over 390,000 people!

Reputation: a sporty and fun college town with a lot of greenery!

Average Income: $20,400.

Average House Price: $92,000.

Cleveland is known for college sports and has some of the most passionate fans in the country.  This is the most well-known city in the state and earned that title by having millions of visitors stop every month to get to know what the city is about.  Although Cleveland is a hotspot of fun and excitement, it has enough beautiful parks and greenery to allow you to catch your breath.


Population: over 290,000 people!

Reputation: industry and factory jobs, with breweries also popular.

Average Income: $23,400.

Average House Price: $96,000.

Toledo is known as the Glass City because of its work in manufacturing the glass windows needed by every vehicle.  Although this city works hard, it also plays just as well by having plenty of great bars, clubs, and fun spots for you to unwind after a long day.


Population: over 300,000 people!

Reputation: delicious chili and a huge Oktoberfest!

Average Income: $25,846.

Average House Price: $216,000.

Cincinnati is one of the most incredible cities in the state!  The second most recognized, this city has everything from excellent restaurants to a fun party mood that starts when you arrive.  If you’re coming to look at Cincinnati houses for sale, you may have to save up!  This is the most expensive city in the state, and although it’s a fantastic place to visit, living here can be pricier.

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