Do Anti Aging Eye Creams Work?

Do Anti Aging Eye Creams Work
Do Anti Aging Eye Creams Work

We take a closer look at Anti Aging Eye Creams to see if they really work and to separate the fact from the fiction.

When it comes to Anti Aging Eye Creams, there are two factions that are at odds with each other. The ones that believe in the powers of Anti Aging Eye Creams and the ones who are skeptical of said properties of eye creams. There are men and women who will swear at the efficacy of these products. They are the ones who make it a point to apply these expensive lotions and creams at least twice per day. They are of the belief that these creams can really help with issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and general puffiness.

The ones on the opposing camp, however, are of the belief that whatever cream or lotion they are using on their face, well if it is good enough for the face it must be good enough for their eyes as well.

There is not a clear straightforward answer that we can provide you. With regards to Anti Aging Eye Creams, the question of whether they work or not seems to have different answers. It will vary depending on who you ask, what articles it is that you read and what exactly are the goals you wish to achieve with these creams.

In short, the experts do believe that there are certain things that creams for the eye can really help with but with some concerns, it does not matter how expensive the product is or who it is made by, are not solvable in this method. If you are not a big fan of other anti-aging techniques like light therapy, cosmetic surgery, massive change in diet etc., then these products are your best bet. That’s why it is important to know the ins and outs of such products.

Who is it for?

There are significant issues with the efficacy of these products for the eye. There are doctors on both sides of the spectrum. The ones who deny its effectiveness say that eye creams are not very effective or helpful. They are the ones who think that the stuff that you apply to your face is good enough for your eyes as well. They believe that there isn’t much difference between the types of creams.

With that being said, they do concede the fact that the skin around the eyes are much more sensitive and fragile than the skin on the rest of the face. So they suggest us to be very careful when using any product on this part of the face. It is in fact known that the skin near the eyes are some of the thinnest and also some of the most delicate skin on the face and that they are subject to micromovements constantly.

It is for this particular reason that a lot of experts on skin suggest that we use creams that have been specially designed for this part of the face. A specially designed cream or gel that has been made for the eye is recommended. They think that many of the regular facial products and moisturizers can cause irritation to the skin when applied near the eyes.

The fact that the eyes are also the first part of the face that show age quite easily is better understood by the fragility they have. It is very natural that skin will become drier as we age. It is not very surprising then that when hydration is not properly applied to the area we can see visible signs of aging such as wrinkles. It would then make sense to apply moisturizer to this part of the face to fight against dehydration.

There does exist research and studies that do suggest that certain anti-aging treatments for the eyes do in fact do what they claim to offer. These products, according to the studies, can help with improving smoothness under the eyes and also lessen the appearance of larger wrinkles.

Most professionals cannot say definitively that these creams work. What they can say however is that certain ingredients are definitely beneficial for the skin around the eyes.

What Ingredients It Should Have

While there is not a single magic product that can stop the process or appearance of aging in and around the eyes, there are certainly some good creams that can very much help with lessening the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. The important thing to note is that most experts say that the creams will only work if it has the right ingredients in it. Creams that have retinol is preferred as that can boost the turnover of cells. These experts also suggest using the gel formulations of these products as they are lighter and are easier to absorb. As a person is getting older, the cells of the skin do not reproduce as quickly. Retinol is a particular substance that really helps with this issue.

Retinol in fact has a long-proven record of efficacy with regards to fighting the effects of aging. In fact that is not all that the ingredient helps with either. Retinol has been in use by humans for more than 3000 years now and it can help fight all sorts of issues and health problems, including night blindness.

Experts also recommend that the products and creams we choose for the eyes have vitamin c and peptides. These ingredients can really help with strengthening the skin and helps make it that much more robust. The antioxidant properties of these ingredients can really help against free radical damage. Some experts also recommend looking for eye products that have ingredients such as sodium pyroglutamic acid. This is a substance that is known for boosting the moisture in the skin.

Some experts recommend ceramides to moisturize the skin around the eyes but most do not consider this a solution for the long run in fighting fine lines. These experts also like products that have hyaluronic acid in them because they are known to help lessen the visible appearance of wrinkles.

It is important to note that it does not matter which product it is that you are choosing, you should always make sure that you are using it cautiously. Should a person experience any discomfort such as irritation or swelling, use of the product should be discontinued immediately.

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