Cardi B Twitter Account Deactivated Due to Toxic Fans, Says She Isn’t Ariana

Cardi B Twitter Account Deactivated Due to Toxic Fans, Says She Isn’t Ariana

Cardi B twitter account has been deleted by the rapper herself after she called out her fans to be toxic. The rapper got back with Offset, and the decision didn’t go well with many of her followers.

Offset cheated on Cardi B, which she even revealed publicly. After sending out posts calling herself to be “single,” the rapper soon decided to forgive her husband and get back together.

Last weekend, when she was on an IG Live, many followers had nasty things to say about her marriage. While many of them are concerned about her, many others are completely pissed off.

The rapper revealed that some fans contacted friends of Cardi B and asked them to intervene. Most of them suggested that the rapper shouldn’t reconcile. And bam! Cardi had enough of it and took a drastic step.

Cardi B Twitter account removed

The rapper cussed out on people and asked them to mind their own business. She said she is a grown-up and can make her decisions. She invoked the names of Ariana Grande and JoJo Siwa, saying that she is not a former Disney star who had to behave like one typically. Cardi also said she has real problems, and she is trying to deal with them maturely.

The rapper also said that she cannot get up and start dating new people. She also said that isn’t the average Jane and cannot play it low.

Where Cardi B comes from in this entire matter is much more severe and emotionally painful. As fans and followers, people should also understand respect marriages and decisions that need to be taken. Everyone has a personal life even after they reveal most of it and allow people to comment.

Offset and Cardi B have a child together and have recently moved to their massive mansion. It is wise to give the couple time to reconcile and take things ahead rather than pull them down at a vulnerable time.

The rapper was recently seen sharing Instagram stories with Offset; just like everything is back to normal, or you can say, nothing ever went wrong! We are sure that Cardi has decided to keep everything in mind, especially her baby girl, who loves her daddy.

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