Create your own party-style with Sleeper 


 It’s time for you: create party-style with Sleeper

The best time of the year is coming, Christmas and New Year are already at the doorstep! Those, however, who haven’t decided upon their party style yet may not worry about where to look for the coolest holiday outfit: the Sleeper party clothes collection has already arrived! This brand’s garments are created to help each of you feel good, physically and in the soul. And the Sleeper team is aware perfectly well of what every lady wants while partying: to feel admired, comfortable and charged with celebration energy. 

Now let us provide people who are not familiar with the essence of Sleeper very well with a brief not on what the brand is. 

Created in 2014 by former fashion magazine editors Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva, Sleeper originated as a walking sleepwear brand. The company evolved over time, these days the Sleeper team creates garments perfect as both home-wear clothes and something one can wear to office, a party or wherever the wearer pleases. Among the Sleeper product models are party-style pajamas, several kinds of dresses, shoes and accessories. Sleeper clothes are insanely popular worldwide, social networks are packed with photos of happy women wearing the brand’s clothes. Did the brand’s founders guess that their creation would become so much more popular than it seemed at the very beginning? Maybe not, but here it is, Sleeper, now presenting the Christmas party clothes collection. 

The collection features:

  • Party pajamas sets
  • Lounge suits  
  • Cardigans and much more. 

 There’s no stopping you while celebrating in party pajamas by Sleeper 

It’s pure joy for the marketer to guess and give the customer what he wants. Thousands of people trust Sleeper’s view of fashion every day. 

This time Sleeper proudly presents the Christmas party collection. Why not take a virtual tour through it at ? As of now, why not take a look at party pajamas by Sleeper unanimously appraised by thousands of ladies?

Why is there no point in searching for any other party outfit after having seen what Sleeper offers? Let’s dig into the point a little.

The Sleeper party pajamas are a garment providing the feeling of comfort and care. No wonder, the pajamas are handcrafted and their design was carefully thought through. 

The pajamas aren’t something that is going to restrict a lady’s movements. The garment is produced from lightweight viscose and linen, so the outfit is perfect for energetic activities like dancing and having fun at a party in general. 

Every lady must have an opportunity to choose an image that coincides with her mood. The party pajamas feature pants with easily detachable feathers. So when feeling more casual than usual, just detach them and attach again when feeling like partying all night.

Sleeper has always tried to cover as large audience as possible. Thus, any lady will be able to find her size among the Sleeper party pajamas line. The usual smallest size is XS, some garments are presented in extended size range XL-XXXL. 

Much more than just party pajamas by Sleeper: what else does the collection feature?

The party collection’s stock isn’t limited to just pajamas. Sleeper suggests that you make your own choice and just offer variants. 

Partying is a matter of taste, if you’ve already got Sleeper pajamas, why not take a look at the Sleeper lounge suit? It’s a garment made to feel flirty and naughty, the lounge suit’s very essence already makes you long for dancing. Let’s sum up the main things about the Sleeper lounge suit. 

1) The suit is made of nylon, polyester, spandex, and metallic line. The garment will wrap you up in pure comfort making your body feel more lightweight. 

2) Anyone who has remained a Sleeper loyal customer long enough knows how much they love tender colors in clothes. The 2021 party collection features lounge suits in various color patterns like pink, blue and others. 

3) The Sleeper lounge suit, as well as the pajamas, is designed to be easily combined with any accessory you have already got. 

Knitted cardigans as an alternative to party pajamas by Sleeper 

Sleeper is also proud to present a knitted cardigan within the Party collection. Any party will only get better thanks to the feel-good vibes you are going to emanate in this. There isn’t a lady who won’t look great in a lilac knitted cardigan by Sleeper. Prefer more decisive colors? Those cardigans are also available in black, gray, and white. 

 Concluding on party pajamas by Sleeper and other items from the 2021 party collection

Every time you purchase something that makes you happy from the Sleeper stock, it’s a small victory for the brand as a comfort provider. Celebrating Christmas and New Year? Let the worldwide known brand help you prepare for it. Don’t be afraid of trusting the Sleeper vision of partying, take your time while looking through the Sleeper latest party collection and make one of the best choices of yours in 2021. 

Summing it up, those eager to look most dazzling at the nearest holiday can choose from such Sleeper party collection items as: 

  • Party pajamas with detachable feathers 
  • Lounge suits 
  • Cardigans etc. 

Every garment is handcrafted and was made using only natural, 100% biodegradable materials. The garments are perfectly combinable with any accessories a lady may already possess. The tender color patterns of the clothes are meant to make you feel lighter, more cheerful and energetic. 

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