Firangi Bahu All Characters Real Names, Story with Photographs

Firangi Bahu
Firangi Bahu

Firangi Bahu All Characters Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. Firangi Bahu was first premiered on 11th November, 2013 and went off air on 28th March, 2014. It was produced by the Optimystix on Sahara One.

Firangi Bahu TV SeriesStory

Firangi Bahu show portrays the story of the Desai family and their firangi bahu Camili. This show plays between the Indian family and the firangi Family. Firangi bahu is the story of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law drama in Sahara One.

Indira Krishna plays the role of the mother-in-law, Sippora Zoutewelle plays the roel of daughter-in-law in this serial. In this show, the Desai Family core changes in Hindustani culture, like the rejection of family arranged marriages and modern romantic ideas promoting love matches, serve to highlight the real life adaptation of cultural views regarding family happiness. The tension between modern and traditional family values divides as the couple tries in the Firangi Bahu.

Brief information and details on Firangi Bahu TV Series

  • First episode: 11th November, 2013
  • Last episode: 28th March, 2014
  • Total numbers of episodes: One Hundred
  • Produced by: Optimystix
  • Broadcast on: Sahara One

Firangi Bahu All Characters Real Names with Photographs

Camili Jonathan aka Sippora ZoutewelleCamili Jonathan real name is Sippora Zoutewelle

Pranay Desai aka Rohit BhardwajPranay Desai real name is Rohit Bhardwaj

Ranjan Desai real name is Indira Krishnan.Ranjan Desai real name is Indira Krishnan.

Asha Desai aka Pranoti PradhanAsha Desai real name is Pranoti Pradhan

Prakash Desai aka Hetal PuniwalaPrakash Desai real name is Hetal Puniwala

Paresh Desai aka Paresh BhattParesh Desai real name is Paresh Bhatt

Dasika Desai aka Deepmala ParmarDasika Desai real name is Deepmala Parmar

Dilip DarbarDilip Darbar

Kanishka SoniKanishka Soni

How to Watch Old Episodes / All Episodes of Firangi Bahu

To watch old episodes of Firangi Bahu, starting from first episode, you should need to visit the official website of Sahara One.

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