High heels add a certain amount of style factor and upgrade your look. However, this comes with some pain if not worn properly. Are you one of those who love wearing high heel sandals women and yet shy away from them due to fear of accidents? You dream of a closet full of heels. You imagine yourself walking the ramp with a stunning pair of pencil heels. But you again dread falling or, worse, twisting your ankle.

Worry not. We have mentioned some pointers that will help the style diva in you to flaunt the heels as easy as it gets. Read on to find out more.


Like most ladies sandals, pencil heels have certain dos and don’ts. A few tips that will help you feel comfortable in them are given below

  • Correct size

Get your feet measured at the store. Take the assistant’s help to get the right fit for yourself. Every brand has its own size chart. The size that fits you in one brand need not necessarily fit in another. So be careful of this fact. If the back is rubbing against the heel and the toes feel compact, then the heels are too small. On the other hand, if the heel keeps sliding forward, they are large. 

  • Try them on

Try on your choices and pick the one you feel most comfortable in. In pencil heels themselves, there are varieties. Try the range, walk around for a few minutes and see which pair makes your feet the happiest. 

  • Invest in quality

Do not be stingy on your purse. The heels you buy must have quality and be durable. Cheap heels tend to break and have hard soles. They not only add more discomfort but may lead to several side effects like back pain, knee pain, etc. Invest in good leather, comfortable soles, solid heels, and other quality factors. The quality of high heel sandals for women matters a lot. 

  • Correct the heel length

Be conscious not to overdo the length of your heel. To know the ideal length, sit on a chair and extend one of your barefoot. Relax and do not point your foot. Measure the distance between your ball and heel. This is your comfortable length. 

  • Add inserts

An insole is a must-have if you plan on wearing heels regularly. Unlike ladies’ sandals, heels, when worn for long hours, easily leads to foot problems. To avoid this, buy an insole that fits the heels perfectly and wear them together. Insoles made of silicone are the best and most suited for an open toe pencil heel. They are invisible and provide protection. This helps prevent rubbing, sliding and other discomforts. 

  • Use double-sided tape

This trick will help keep your shoes in place. Use double-sided tape to stick your foot to the sole. 

  • Apply hydrating cream

Applying a generous amount of hydrating cream before wearing your heels. This will save your feet from blisters and unwanted pain. This is a must, especially if your heels are new.

  • Use baby powder

A simple trick that will help prevent excessive sweating and slipping is to use baby powder. It minimizes chafing and the chances of injury.

  • Tape your toes

An old trick, many experts recommend that you must tape your third and fourth toe together with the help of an adhesive tape. This will help reduce the pressure on the nerve between the toes. (dr4health.com)  

  • Do not take off your heel

If you are in the midst of an event and not yet back to a comfortable zone, do not take off those heels. It may give you some relief, but when you try wearing them back after a few minutes, it will be uncomfortable. Your feet would have already relaxed and swollen. This will cause even more pain.

  • Practise at home

This may sound silly, but wear your high heels at home to get used to it. This is a must if your pair is new. This trick will help stretch your heel.

  • Use a deodorant

Applying a roll-on deodorant on the problem areas of the feet like balls heel will help avoid friction, chafing and discomfort.

  • Pamper your feet

When you take off the pencil heels, pamper your tired feet. Take care to not let them go dry. Ensure that you attended to the crack heels immediately. A dry and cracked heel will add more pain and discomfort. You do not want that.

  • Keep the posture

Ensure you do not slouch or bend your knees way too much while you walk. Have a straight posture and high head. This helps to take away the pressure on your feet.


That is not all, but the tips mentioned above will surely help you feel comfortable in those style statement heels. In addition, you can now purchase your preferred high heel online through dil ke deals and get quality products at the best price. High heel sandals for women are a must-have in your wardrobe, and you sure must wear them and make some heads turn. 

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