Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p (Free Download)

Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

It’s no secret that Indian cinema has long been unashamedly borrowing ideas from world cinema. But there are practically no official remakes among the Bollywood films that have been released. In India, scriptwriters and directors take a Hollywood movie as a basis and remake it beyond recognition. It was announced this week that the premiere of the official remake of the Rodina TV series would take place on the Indian cable channel on November 7 – in this regard. So we decided to recall the most striking “alterations” of Bollywood, which have already managed to find their viewer. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about full HD Bollywood movies download 1080p.

There are few official remakes of Hollywood films in Bollywood. Instead, producers, inspired by the plot of one or another American blockbuster, order a script in which the audience then quickly guesses the pictures that form its basis.

Best full HD Bollywood movies download 1080p


Reviewers characterize Robot as a cyberpunk opera, partly borrowing the plot from the blockbuster The Terminator. The similarities are apparent: the protagonist, the android Chitty, is a complete killer who has no emotions.

Yet, he knows how to handle any weapon. Manage all types of transport, memorize a book, just flipping through it; it is waterproof and fireproof, can fight and, of course, sing and dance. But one day, an inventor tasked with modernizing Chitty decides to test whether it is possible to teach a robot to feel, including love.

Crime Novel

A young and inexperienced investigator from CBI Rita Oberoi meets the famous gangster AmanVerma, nicknamed the Professor, during a dangerous investigation. Haman helps her get on the trail of a maniac – a killer. Before meeting Aman, the girl could not even imagine. That she could fall in love with a criminal at first sight.

In this picture, unlike the Lecturer, the Professor does not have a weakness for human meat. The novel ends tragically: it turns out that Haman was undeservedly convicted. And having gone on a mission with Rita, the gangster dies.

Scorpio (Bichhoo)

Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

The film “Scorpio” hardly differs from the plot of the cult drama by Luc Besson. In search of shelter, she knocks on a neighbour’s apartment where Jiva, a professional killer, lives. Having learned his story, the girl asks to teach her the art of murder to avenge her family. So it would seem – a line-by-line retelling of “Leon.” However, in the Indian film, the main character, Kiran Bali, is 22 years old, not twelve like Matilda. And the killer himself does not die in the final.

Full HD Bollywood movies download 1080p: Alien Among Friends.

Quentin Tarantino directed the action Best full HD Bollywood movies downloaded 1080pReservoir Dogs in 1991; its Indian version was released eleven years later. However, the essence of the story is still the same: having gathered together, the six bandits decided to commit the perfect crime, but one of them turned out to be a traitor, and everything turned out far from as planned.


The American film Scarface, in which Al Pacino played the leading role, has two Bollywood versions at once: the first was released in 1990, and the second – more recently – in 2012. One of the leading roles in the new “Path of Fire” was played by Priyanka Chopra – once a rising star of Bollywood cinema, and now a world star (the actress can be seen in the television series “Baza Quantico,” and next year she will appear in the film “Rescuers Malibu” ).

The plot of the picture tells about the young man Vijay, whose life is crumbling when the villain and drug dealer kills his father. Vijay has to leave for Mumbai with his pregnant mother to return to his native village and clear his father’s name.


Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

The inspiration for the creators of this tape was the thriller “Remember,” directed by Christopher Nolan. The protagonist of the story, Sanjay Singhania, is a successful entrepreneur, and Kalpana is a model starring in cheap commercials. The likelihood of their acquaintance was practically zero.

Still, fate decreed otherwise – as a result, love was born, which was killed: Kalpana’s conflict with the criminal Gadzhini ended in her death. Sanjay, trying to save his beloved, was seriously injured – now he only remembers what happened to him in the last 15 minutes. Deciding to take revenge on Ghajini, he does everything so as not to forget about what happened.

Full HD Bollywood movies download 1080p: Chachi 420

The comedy film Mrs Doubtfire starring Robin Williams formed the basis for the Indian film Aunt 420, released in 1997. The film’s plot tells about the choreographer Jaipraksha, who, after divorcing his wife, the daughter of a millionaire. Received permission to meet with his beloved daughter only once a week. However, the main character could not bear the separation. And therefore, disguised as a woman, got a job as a nanny for a girl.


Two years after the Hollywood premiere of Nine Yards, Bollywood is releasing. Their version of this film, called Love Has No Price. In the centre of the plot is the story of a dentist who recognized a particularly dangerous gangster in his new neighbour. After talking with his wife, he and his father-in-law go to India for a solid reward.

Promised to the one who will report the whereabouts of the criminal. True, on the way, the main character finds himself involved in an unpleasant situation with stolen diamonds … Trailer of the film “Love Has.

Fool in final

In 2007, Indians encroached on British Guy Ritchie’s crime comedy “Big Score.” Where it falls into the hands of the hapless thief Raja. The owner of the antique shop Chobi and his niece, the beautiful Tina.

Full HD Bollywood movies download 1080p: Koi Mil Gaya.

The inspiration for this picture was Steven Spielberg’s film “Alien, ” released in 1982. True, Bollywood took off his version only in 2003. He creates a particular computer and then sends a signal into outer space. The answer to this message is the appearance of a vast alien ship in the sky above the Earth. Unfortunately, Sanjay did not have time to rejoice at these events.

He dies in a car accident shortly before the arrival of aliens. And his mentally disabled son Rohit now decides to take up the business of his life. Together with his friend Nisha, he is adjusting the work of the computer.


Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

As the filmmakers explain, their script was inspired by such Hollywood hits as the racing blockbuster Fast and the Furious and the crime comedy Ocean’s 11. Jai Dixit serves in the police and cannot imagine his life without work. He is entrusted with a unique case of high-class robbers driving around on super-fast motorcycles. The racers, learning that Jai is chasing them, challenge the Indian cop.

Sarkar: Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

In 2003, Bollywood filmmakers released the film “In the Footsteps of the Father” in their country, in which experts found many references to the classic film “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola. In the center of the plot is the Indian mafia SubshahNagre.

Who is trying with all his might to maintain order in the territory under his control? But Arab criminals, who have not received permission to operate in his domain, enter into open conflict with him. 

My name is Khan

A touching story of a Hindu Muslim named Rizwan Khan. To the point of chills and a lump in the throat. He has Asperger’s syndrome. So any social interaction is torture for him. But he falls in love with Mandira and does everything to achieve reciprocity. And when their relationship cracks, he embarks on an incredible journey across America.

Due to the similarity of the plot and characters of the main characters. However, the painting by Karan Dzhokhar has its zest, as it raises critical socio-political problems of our time.

Lunch box

A film that does not fit into the stereotypes of Indian cinema at all. A lonely accountant about to be retired starts a correspondence with a married but equally single woman. Correspondence via lunchboxes! Despite the uncomplicated plot, the film collected several national awards. And won the Audience Award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Brother Bajrangi

A film that instills faith in people and the victory of good over evil. In the story, a dumb Pakistani girl ended up in India. Bajrangi decided to take the poor man home, although he understood perfectly. The task was not an easy one, and many trials awaited them in a hostile country. So, the picture is very dynamic, with excellent acting and camera work – it looks in one go.

idiots: Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

A film about real friendship, about how important it is not to cheat on yourself and follow your dreams. Two friends go in search of a third, whom they met in college. In parallel with the travel around the country, there is a journey through memories.

The film was not without songs, dances, and hyperbolism in the best traditions of Bollywood. But viewing still leaves a pleasant feeling of inspiration. 


A film from the director of “3 Idiots” Rajkumar Hirani with a very similar style. The primary role was played by the same actor – Aamir Khan. But, only now, it’s a sci-fi comedy.

Alien PiKey arrives on Earth to study life on our planet. He asks everyone uncomfortable questions and takes him by surprise with his childlike spontaneity. Primarily through terrorist attacks.

Stars on the ground

In this motion picture, Aamir Khan played the leading role and acted as a director and producer. This is the story of eight-year-old Ishan Avasti, who is noticeably lagging in development from his peers. The father sends the boy to a boarding school, where he would undoubtedly have died if not for the art teacher Ram Nikon. The film sparkles with light and kindness and allows you to understand a lot about upbringing, self-expression, and mercy.

Best full HD Bollywood movies download 1080p: Dangal.

Another great acting and production work by Aamir Khan. He played the real-life athlete Mahavir Singh Phogat. He dreamed of a son from whom he would make a champion, but he had four daughters. The man practically despaired until he suddenly noticed how lively his girls were. They did not give anyone a chance and even beat the local hooligans. So Phogat started training his daughters and made them champions!

The film has collected several national awards and became the Indian and Chinese box office leader in 2017.


Director Anurag Basu told the love story of the deaf-mute boy Barfi and the girl Shruti. They sincerely and earnestly fell in love with each other. But in the eyes of the public, such a strange couple has no right to the future.

This film is often accused of “copy-paste”: the scenes and plot are copied from Hollywood melodramas. But people continue to watch the film and admire its kindness and sensuality.

Will you come tomorrow or not.

In the centre of the plot is the fate of 23-year-old Nina Kapoor. The girl is young and beautiful but deeply unhappy. The appearance of the cheerful Aman and Rohit in her life helps to understand. You need to live and rejoice, no matter what. You never know if tomorrow will come. So, the film is imbued with philosophy and does not leave indifferent, even those who cannot stand melodrama.

Once upon a time in Delhi: Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

It would be a “Hangover in Vegas” if not for the fantastic Indian flavour. The dynamics, acting, and soundtrack make you watch without stopping. Each absurdity in the plot gives rise to a chain of new absurdities that ultimately lead to a happy ending.

If you like the theatre of the absurd, you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of noisy unwashed Delhi and get a healthy dose of endorphin. Be sure to watch this entire HD Bollywood movie download 1080p. Just don’t drink orange juice!

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