How to become one of the world’s sexiest men

world’s sexiest men

Question: What do Johnny Depp, David Beckham and Brad Pitt all have in common ? Answer: their love of tattoos and jewellery. If you were to ask yourself what it is that can set one man apart from another, you only need to look at three of the sexiest men in the world and you have two common denominators. Naturally, good looks, talent, and charisma also add to the mix. But here we have written a guide to help you achieve the appeal  and assurance of some of the world’s sexiest men and icons.

Layer up the jewellery with world’s sexiest men

We’re not talking 1970s medallion man, shirt unbuttoned to the waist. Nor are we talking rapper bling with diamond encrusted teeth. Men’s jewellery has moved on since then. The 21st equivalent features those who wear layers of jewellery with the same level of confidence, but mix up the genre, combining hippy leather with classic golds, sleek pieces with chunky chains, industrial chic with classic designs. 

Adding another piece is never too much. The appeal comes from unusual and unexpected combinations worn with confidence – a fearlessness grounded in self assurance. This is not a display of wealth. This is a statement of self worth.

Stand tall, Shoulders Back

“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.” – Helen Keller, US deaf and blind disability rights activist.

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits in an individual. A confident person radiates more confidence, attracts attention, radiates energy. But that confidence is not also easy to acquire. If you struggle with self confidence, here’s one thing you can do that will get you on the right path – remember to do it every day until it becomes ingrained. Because confidence is just a habit – and a good habit to develop.

That one thing is to stand tall and put your shoulders back! 

Studies show that an open upright posture was an important factor in:

  • Maintaining good, high self esteem.
  • Reducing negative moods
  • Increasing positive thoughts
  • Reducing general fatigue and increasing overall alertness
  • Engendering an overall feeling of power and control in a situation.

What this means is, that if you are feeling low, nervous, in a negative state of mind, then you have the innate ability to change this negative state by changing the way you physically hold yourself.

So every day remind yourself – stand tall, shoulders back.

Nurture a firm handshake

Nobody likes a limp, clammy handshake. Think about the people you have met over the years. Those who would have made a good and lasting impression on you would have been those with a good firm handshake.

Here are the essential elements of a firm handshake.

A good firm grip of the whole hand, palm to palm. Maintain the contact for a natural length of time. Pulling away too soon will appear rude. Equally, you don’t want to hold on for too long, nor physically drag your associate too much into your personal space as a sign of dominance, (otherwise known as ‘doing a Trump’).

Your hand needs to be warm and dry. To hot and clammy is off putting, and your opponent will be desperate to wpe their hand on their trousers. Too cold and it chills the heart.

Be firm, but not violent. And look your opponent in the eye. Which brings us to our final point…

Look people in the eye

You can hold eye contact for at least three to five seconds. Any longer than that may seem a bit weird. But don’t look down or away – simply blink, smile, look up and then back to the face again. And most important of all – do it with a smile that reaches the eyes.

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