How to download Windows 10 for free

download Windows 10

All you need to legally download Microsoft Windows 10 without shelling out a penny

Here a simple, yet detailed guide on how to download Windows 10 for free

If you’re wondering if you can download Windows 10 for free, maybe because you’re considering upgrading your computer from an older version, or you’re planning to move forward to Windows 11 later this year (and you can only do it from Windows 10), here a small, but useful guide on how to proceed.

Maybe you’ve just assembled a new PC, or you need to format your previous system and start over, whatever your use case is, just follow us to know how to install Windows 10 for free!

What about Windows 10

We would like to underline that for a correct activation of a Windows Operating System it is necessary to make a clean installation with a 100% genuine and legit license. This to avoid data loss, enjoy Microsoft updates but most importantly to avoid attacks from hackers. We’re aware that purchasing a Windows 10 Product Key from the official Microsoft Store can be costly; for this reason, we recommend you to visit Mr Key Shop, a reliable store where you can buy 100% genuine and legit licenses. Each order is delivered within a few seconds via email, with free, English-speaking technical support, and secure payments. You can read 100% positive feedback about this store on Trustpilot. At Mr Key Shop you can find Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Packages, and Antivirus programs.

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Can you download Windows 10 for free?

Yes, you can! Download Windows 10 is a simple, and legal thing: just go to Microsoft’s official website and download the Operating System ISO file.

Here you can choose among different options, according to the installation type you need to follow:

  • Upgrade your system to Windows 10
  • Install Windows 10 on your PC
  • Use the Media Creation Tool (via USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) to install Windows 10 on another PC: this option is particularly useful when you need to format your computer and reinstall your OS.

A word of caution: although you CAN download Windows 10 ISO file for free and legally, if you want to use your newly installed OS you’ll need an official License, namely a Windows 10 Product Key. You can purchase from the Microsoft Store, but be ready to shell out hundreds of bucks (according to the version you need, you may spend even more).

But if you want to save some money, you can go and search for third-party resellers, just like eBay and Amazon. However, you may incur the so-called gray market (where people sell keys of dubious origin, often stolen or purchased via forged or cloned cards), and such a risk is real. You may lose your key (and your money), you can go through criminal procedures, something we strongly recommend to avoid. So, if you technically CAN download Microsoft Windows 10 for free, you can’t use it without buying a genuine license.

One good solution is seeking official, 100% legit resellers. One of them is Mr Key Shop, a reliable e-commerce website where you can buy Windows 10 genuine product keys, with free English-speaking technical support, exclusively through secure and guaranteed transactions.


How to Install Windows 10

For convenience’s sake, let’s suppose you need to install your Windows 10 version from scratch, without having to upgrade an existing system (i.e. going from Windows 7 to Windows 10).

Once you downloaded your ISO file from Microsoft, you can use the Media Creation Tool and create your boot USB drive, or you can burn the file on a DVD, using the relevant Windows tool or an external program. You can find many of them online, such as Ashampoo Burning Studio Free.

Media apart, the installation process is the same.

You’ll need to reboot your system and enter the boot mode. Here, you’ll use the menu to choose which media will be booted up first: select your USB unit or the DVD player (according to your choice) and wait for it.

Then, you’ll see the welcome screen for Windows 10. Follow the prompts and you’ll have to choose the installation path for your OS. You’ll also be able to create partitions, as needed.

Once you’re done, you’ll have to choose your language, region, and time zone. The final steps involve your advertising preferences, and some secondary settings you may even skip (i.e. you can decide whether to send Microsoft some anonymous usage reports, to monitor any possible system crash and anomalies), including the touch device configurations.

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Ho to Activate Windows 10

As you’ve just seen, download and install Windows 10 is a quite straightforward process, where you need to follow a few, simple steps.

At the end of the installation steps, you’ll need to activate Windows 10, not only to enable key features like Windows Update but also to link your Microsoft account (namely the one you use for Skype or your Xbox Live profile). This way, you can benefit from a legit OS installation, but you’ll be able to access essential services like Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass, to play the extensive library of games included in the subscription.

To activate Windows 10, you’ll need to input your Product Key to the relevant field. You’ll do this at the end of Windows installation, or later, going to Settings > Activation.

You CAN download Windows 10 for free, but you’ll also need to get a license. How?

As we said, although you can LEGALLY download Windows 10 for free, you must also own a license, that you can buy from Microsoft or a reseller.

According to the European Court of Justice, selling Windows 10 digital licenses (ESD) is 100% legit. Sometimes companies buy large stocks of product keys and then sell the exceeding ones.

But you need to be careful: although you can buy Windows 10 licenses at cheap prices, we recommend being aware that, when a bargain is too good to be true, it always is.

To be 100% sure of your purchase, buy Windows 10 from specialized, reliable resellers like Mr Key Shop, offering genuine Windows 10 and Microsoft Office licenses at very good price points, with immediate delivery and English-speaking support.

Do follow this guidance when it comes to choosing your online reseller:

  • Check a rating system is in place, and the average satisfaction rate is above 4 stars and a half
  • Review the accepted payment methods
  • Ensure Customer Service is available (via chat, mail, or phone)

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