How to Make Game Strategies for Different Cricket Formats

Since the cricket season is in full swing, millions of cricket fans across the globe are enjoying their time by playing fantasy cricket every day. Fantasy cricket is one of the most popular platforms. It was introduced over a decade ago but became popular over the last few years. During the 2020 Lockdown period, there was a significant rise in the number of users playing fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket is a platform where every fan can create their own team of real-life players to participate in a contest or a league. Fans can make the best use of their knowledge and understanding of the game to defeat their opponents and win exciting cash rewards. 


Fantasy cricket has exponentially grown over the last few years and it has indeed the way fans watch the sport. The growth of T20 Leagues around the world led to the success of Fantasy Cricket. However, all three formats of the game are available on the fantasy cricket websites and apps. You need to have a basic understanding of each format. Moreover, you have to come up with different strategies for different formats rather than sticking to one strategy for all three formats. (zolpidem online bestellen zonder voorschrift) We have got you covered with the game strategies for Different formats of cricket in Fantasy Cricket. 


Here’s how to make Game Strategies for each format of cricket:


  • Test Cricket 
  1. Test Cricket is a different ball game and is solely for the specialists. In this format, you need to pick those players who can perform well in both innings. Most sides pick six specialist batters, a wicketkeeper and four bowlers.
  2. You need to pick a bowler or batter who could be a premier all-rounder, which allows you more flexibility with selection. For eg., India has Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja, who have centuries to their names in addition to their brilliance with the ball.
  3. Picking a Playing XI for a Test match depends on pitch and weather conditions. If the pitch is green and the weather is cloudy, then pacers will do the bulk of bowling and spinners will have a little role to play. In conditions, batting against spin is a struggle.
  4. Importantly, focus on selecting batters who can perform consistently and play long innings and bowlers who can take wickets consistently. Select the players depending on the pitch and weather conditions rather than randomly picking the team.
  5. Middle-order batters who come in to bat after the ball has lost some of its shine are mostly likely to thrive longer than the openers tasked with surviving new ball. It’s important to keep this in mind while picking up the players.


  • ODI Cricket 


  1. One needs to be careful while picking up players for the ODI matches. You need to select players based on how players have performed well in the limited-overs. Picking a Test player in an ODI cricket will affect the overall performance of the team.
  2. Pick those openers in your team who can score quick runs and take advantage of the field restrictions in the first 10 overs of the innings. Quick-scoring openers are mandatory for most of the fielders being in the 30-yard circle against the new ball.
  3. The other picks are the bowlers who can resist that large charge. Pick those two pacers who can give breakthroughs in the powerplay and entrust them with the task of taking wickets in the death overs. Moreover, pick those bowlers who can change the pace, deliver good yorkers and ability to confuse the batters.
  4. Importantly, select two all-rounders in your team who can deliver their best with the bats and bowl. For eg., Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja, can bat well in the middle order in addition to their bowling exploits.
  5. Always pay attention to the pitch and weather conditions as they can have a significant on the scoring.


  • T20 Cricket 


  1. You have to think strategically while selecting your players in the Fantasy Team in T20 cricket. The format is different from Test cricket and ODI cricket. You need to select players who can perform well in the shortest format of the game.
  2. You need to focus on picking those batters who can play aggressively and score quick runs. Moreover, select the bowlers in your Fantasy team who can take wickets in the powerplay and in death overs and contain runs. Pick bowlers who have a track record of picking wickets.
  3. In T20 cricket, top-order batters generally score the most runs and earn fantasy points. It’s a good strategy to pick at least the top three batters in your team.
  4. Select the all-rounders who can deliver their best with the bat and bowl. All-rounders are highly valued in T20 cricket and they will earn points through bowling, batting, wicketkeeping and fielding.
  5. Always keep yourself updated about the latest developments. The latest news, especially team news can give you a fair idea of which players are going to play the match and who might be injured or rested. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the team news and make changes in your team accordingly.

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