How to Meet Bollywood Stars in Mumbai Personally and Face to Face

How to Meet Actors in Mumbai In Person

How to Meet Bollywood Stars in Mumbai Personally and Face to Face : Mumbai is a city of dream for millions of people. Each day, a large number of people visits the city to fulfill their dream. The city is widely known for its Bollywood stars. The city has turned many unknown names into stars. Mumbai is the home of many Bollywood stars and they have millions of fans around the world. Most of them want to meet their favorite stars once in their life.

How to Meet Actors in Mumbai In Person

#1 5 Best Ways to Meet Bollywood Stars in Mumbai Personally

#1 Write An Appointment Letter

It is one of the easiest ways to approach your favorite celebrity in Mumbai. Before visiting their location, you should write a letter to your favorite celebrity and ask for a small meeting with them in Mumbai. However, you should write clearly why you are interested to meet him / her. A brief and clear explanation will helps you to get a chance to meet your favorite Bollywood star in Mumbai. However, this is very less successful method to meet popular stars such as Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchhan, and others as most of them would not reply you back.

#2 Wait Outside Their Bungalow

It is the most common method used by thousands of common citizens in the city of Mumbai. Still, you should try this method to meet Bollywood stars in Mumbai personally and face to face. However, you should ready yourself to wait for a few hours to get a glimpse of your favorite star in real life too.

#3 Meet Them At Shooting Locations

Many Bollywood stars including popular Bollywood actors and actresses do their movie shootings in various locations of the city of Mumbai. You would also find many Bollywood stars in Film City and other popular movie studios of Mumbai.

#4 Contact Media Person

Most of electronic media persons have easy access to Bollywood stars in Mumbai. However, it is not an easy too. You should have good contacts with electronic media persons to convince them to help you to meet Bollywood film stars in Mumbai. Still, you should try to get some contacts in electronic media and ask them to help you in meeting with top film stars of Hindi cinema.

#5 Do Some Unique Things

You should do something unique in your life to get attention of Bollywood stars. We have seen in the past, many Bollywood celebrities meet extra-ordinary persons (not only famous celebrities) regularly to understand their achievement.

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