How to Meet Mahendra Singh Dhoni Personally and Face to Face

How to Meet Mahendra Singh Dhoni Personally and Face to Face

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a legendary name in the world of cricket. He is one of the richest cricket players in the history of cricket. People also call him, ‘MS Dhoni’ or ‘Maahi’. Dhoni enjoys a great fan following and people strive to meet him in person. Our article on how to meet Mahendra Singh Dhoni personally will make your wish come true.

#5 Tips on how to meet Mahendra Singh Dhoni personally

#1 Practice sessions

Dhoni is known for his continuous practice and dedication for cricket. Connect with someone who belongs to the cricket association, where you can find him practicing the match. Do not mess with the security team and politely explain to them the reason of your meet with him. Your patience will help you to accomplish your goal.

#2 Outside his residence

Dhoni’s homeland is in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Most of the times, he resides there with his family when he isn’t playing for any matches. Wait outside his main gate and talk to the security politely explaining your wish to see him once. Carry your id card so that it is easier to convince the security.

#3 Ad campaign

Dhoni is engaged with a number of ad campaigns and brand endorsements. He keeps traveling for the same. List down the latest information related to his shoot for ads. You may also assist some media person and travel with them. This is one of the best ways to meet Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

#4 At the hotel

The sportspersons usually stay at the hotel during matches. Make good contacts with the hotel management team and communicate with them about your wish to see Dhoni in person. MS Dhoni is known for his affectionate nature towards his fans. If your feelings and love for him are genuine, there are higher chances to see him face to face. Do not cross the restricted area of the hotel without their permission or things may go ugly unexpectedly.

#5 NGOs

Dhoni participates in various charity events and awareness programs. Take permission of the event organizer to allow you to see Ms Dhoni. Be patient and wait for their answer. Believe in yourself and hang in there for some time; you will surely see your favorite cricketer right in front of you.

The tips on how to meet Mahendra Singh Dhoni personally are generic and do not promise a meet with him. Thus, your own belief and genuine approach will take you closer to Dhoni.

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