How to Meet Rekha In Personal and Face to Face


How to Meet Rekha In Personal and Face to Face

Rekha is a popular Bollywood actress and politician in India. She has given many popular Bollywood movies and she is also one of the most controversial Bollywood actresses in India, thanks to her relationsihp with Bollywood Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan. Rekha has a good fan following in various countries including the United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many other.

In this article, we have provided best guide on how to meet Rekha in person and face to face. So, let’s read our article!

#1 Best Ways on How to Meet Rekha In Personal and Face to Face

#1 Request An Appointment of Rekha

Rekha is one of the most popular Bollywood actresses and busiest persons / celebrities in India. Hence, it’s a difficult task to meet her in person without prior appointment. You just need to ask for a small appointment through the mail or an email to meet her. Your request length should be sent and covers important details about you, your aim and everything that requires to fulfill your request. Your request should be sent to the following address of Rekha.

Sea Spring,
Bunglow No.2,
B.J. Road,
Bandra (West)
Mumbai. 400050

#2 During Public Programs or Events

Rekha participates in many public programs and events in various Indian cities. So, it is one of the best ways to approach her and ask for a small meeting on the spot. You should approach the organized before the scheduled event start. It is one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting pre-approved meeting with Rekha.

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