How To Write A Business Letter

How To Write A Business Letter

The business letter (sales letter or sales letter) is a personal communication addressed to a specific interlocutor and which can be used for direct marketing purposes, but not only. For example, it is a good idea to write a business letter in an email. The response rate of emails that include business letters is very high. Here’s how to write a business letter that can be compelling to your reader.

How to write a business letter

Setting up and writing a business letter can be difficult, especially for first-time users. With these small tips, however, you will be able to approach your document with less anxiety and greater confidence.

Start with your goals.

Suppose you are a copywriter of the sales letter. In that case, it also will indicate the aim to achieve with your business letter—clearly, the goal changes depending on the type of product or service you need to promote. If you have to talk about a training course, perhaps the goal could be to increase enrollments by 30% compared to the previous edition.

Focus on the benefits

Why should a consumer who is bombarded with dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of emails pay attention to your business letter every day? For example, it is a good idea to write a business letter in an email. The response rate of emails that include business letters is very high. Here’s how to write a business letter that can be compelling to your reader. You can also have a look at The Doe site for have a look at good content

Attention, this does not mean that the copywriting of the sales letter will have to focus solely on the characteristics of the product or service. Better focus on the desires, socio-economic status, or improvements that will come in his life if he decides to follow up on your message. So, try to talk as little as possible about how excellent and firm the company is and focus on your target wants and needs.

Determine the recipient’s profile

Who is your business letter addressed to? How old is your reader approximately? Is it a man or a woman? What is your educational qualification? Does he know to understand what you are about to tell him? Answering these questions is essential because it will allow you to identify yourself with your typical reader, think for themselves, and to find out what they expect to read in your business letter.

Identify yourself with your client as you write. Focus on what the customer wants to know, not what you want to say. If you focus exclusively on your business, you will hardly be able to sell. Remember, your client’s primary concern is meeting their needs and wants, certainly not increasing your checking account.

Choose the Call to Action: How To Write A Business Letter

The call to action is the action you want your reader to take. Please don’t confuse it with the goal. Returning to the example above, how to write a business letter aims to lead to a 30% increase in registrations for a training course. The call to action could be access to the landing page or another page of the site to fill out a form. Ask your readers to take action. Potential customers won’t know what you want unless you tell them what to do. If you want them to call you, say so in the letter and provide your phone number. If you want them to visit your facility, give them clear directions on where your location is and the opening hours.

It is also important to urge your readers to take urgent action. The longer they take to respond, the less likely your business letter is to convert. If you are running a promotion, set an expiration date for the promotion. If you only have a few drives available, be sure to state this within the letter clearly. This will lead the genuinely interested people not to waste too much time and to act as soon as possible.

Pay attention to style and tone of voice.

Try not to write very long letters. They get bored and end up being only partially read. The tone should be chosen according to the type of recipient you are addressing. Use the ” you ” only if you believe you can do it, but, in such cases, the use of ” her ” is preferred because it is likely that, at this stage, you do not yet have the necessary confidence with the interlocutor.

Finally, what about graphics? Well, you are a copywriter and, perhaps, you will think that this topic is not of interest to you. If you work in contact with an art director or, in any case, with other people who deal with graphics, try to transfer the idea that the letter must be paginated in a simple way, without too many technicalities. Instead, it is up to you to try to format the text adequately, creating the right spacing between paragraphs and, where possible, inserting bulleted and bold lists that make the reading work easier.

How to write a business letter: Structure

When we come across how to write a business letter, we hardly read it through a precise and linear order. The first of these is, without a doubt, the object that represents the first point on which to work to give a correct approach to your business letter. There are, however, other elements that help create a good structure for your letter. Let’s find out what they are.

The item

Here you play everything. If you fail in the communication subject, you risk that your message will only be previewed and not even opened. You need to condense the advantage you have to offer the customer into a few titles. You must provide valid reasons to get the user to read your letter—kind of like when you’re busy writing the headline for print ads.

The postscript: How To Write A Business Letter

Generally, the commercial letter provides for the postscript, wherein the advertising pages we find the payoff. The human eye, probably by virtue of the experience factor, is led to read this element because it knows that there will be a synthesis of what is contained in the paragraphs and the body of the letter. Therefore, you must also pay close attention to the postscript.

Initial paragraph

Suppose you have been convincing with the object and the postscript you have already done half of your task. At this point, you are aware that there is an interest on the part of the reader. Here, too, you should focus on the advantages you have to offer, but it is not yet the time to go into too much detail.

The body of the letter: How To Write A Business Letter

The body of the letter can be compared to the body copy of advertisements. Here you will have to provide more details about your offer and, therefore, you will be called to confirm those advantages that, previously, you had only mentioned.

Final paragraph

Here you will have to talk about the advantages from another point of view. You will have to make it clear to the customer that if he does not take advantage of this opportunity, there may not be others. Clearly, you have to find the right way to make this sense of urgency perceived and to make people understand that what you propose is an opportunity to be seized immediately.

Closing: contact details

When closing the business letter, you must indicate, possibly directly, the channels through which customers can contact you. The advice is to offer several alternatives in order to put the customer at ease in choosing the means to use to get in touch with the company.

Business letter: example

Let’s say that a company active in the sale of costume jewelry articles commissions you to prepare a business letter to be sent to a target of users (women) who know the company in question but have never completed the purchase. Of a jewel. Here’s how you might set up the letter text.

Object: Purchase a crystal jewel. A fantastic gift awaits you!

Dear Gianna,

Our company has reserved a very special and exclusive promotion for you. If you buy a jewel from our crystalline within the next seven days, you will get a fantastic cork bag for free. To join the promo, go to the Crystals section of our site and choose the jewel and color you prefer from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. The free bag will automatically be added to the cart.

Our jewels are made entirely by hand and are all subjected to rhodium plating to prevent them from becoming black over time. Depending on the time of day and the amount of light emanating from the environment you are in, our crystals can take on many reflections.

With our “Satisfaction or your money back” service, you will have up to 90 days to return the jewel you purchased at no cost and receive a full refund.

Find out what customers who bought our crystalline jewels say about us.

Click on the button below to visit our e-commerce.

You still have a few days to take advantage of this fantastic promotion. It is a truly unique opportunity to try our crystal jewels, perhaps combining them with the bag that you will receive as a gift. We are waiting for you on our e-shop.

For any doubt or request, we remind you that you can contact us via the live chat available on the site.

Kind regards: How To Write A Business Letter

What you just read is a simple example of a business letter. Clearly, in this case, I set the letter in the B2C sector, therefore from the selling company to the final customer. Both the contents and the style would have been different.

Beyond these purely technical aspects, what I want to underline is the importance of being able to use the right levers to create interest in the recipient. The letter is very simple. It reports the advantages of both the promotion and those related to the use of the product, with a clear call to action, a recourse to the testimonies of other consumers, and a sense of urgency that never hurts when it comes to selling something.

Business Letter Word Template

Do you need a reference template to use every time you need to write a business letter? I made one especially for you. You can download the facsimile for free in Word format, so you can easily modify it according to your needs. From the graphic point of view, I have not inserted any particular settings. I recommend that you personalize the letter with the letterhead of the company you represent or, at least, with the company logo. These are small details that contribute to making the message more authentic and reliable in the eyes of the recipient.

Once all the details have been refined and filed, it will be up to you to choose the right format for your business letter, also based on the channels you will use to send it. In any case, I advise you to convert and archive it in both Word and PDF format. The Word format will serve you as a starting template when preparing a new letter. The PDF format is the most professional and most easily adaptable to both paper printing and sending via other channels.

How to set up a business letter

How to set up a perfect business letter? It is a formal letter, so it is necessary to follow a precise structure, use the correct language, an official tone, but without being too rigid and therefore inadequate. The style must be official, meticulous, precise. Let’s find out how to structure it perfectly!

The sender is at the top left: it is the one who sends the business letter. Enter your first and last name (or company name) and full address

Date and recipient are at the top right: here too company name full address.

References and subject: on the left before the body of the letter. References indicate previous communications. The subject summarizes the contents of the letter: Usually, it is written “Ns. ref. ” or “Vs. ref. “followed by the reference code or initials.

The opening formula, these are greetings and go immediately after the subject: the initial of the first word must be capitalized and, at the end of the formula, we must insert a comma. Usually, we write Gent. Le or Gent. Li if referring to more people.

Know what you want

If you don’t know, write it down with one sentence. “I want to get an interview within the next two weeks.” So, simply. List the main points to cover – it will keep you on the subject.

If you are replying to a letter, mark the points. That to be answered, and hold the letter in front of you as you reply. This way, you won’t forget anything, which would cause one more round of correspondence. And for God’s sake, answer right away if you have to, don’t sit on it. Please don’t leave it pending. This would make sure that the other side does not respond as well.

Be direct: How To Write A Business Letter.

Address yourself by name – not “Dear Sir, Madam or Miss.” “Dear Mr. Rossi” – and be sure to spell it correctly. This will get both of you off to a good start. (You can usually get his name by merely phoning his company or from a business registry). Explain in the first paragraph what the letter is about a sentence or two. Do not leave your reader in doubt, or he will file the letter “in the circular file” long before he finishes it.

If you are replying to a letter, refer to the date it was written. So that the reader doesn’t waste time looking for it. The people who read the letters are human beings like you and me. Reading a letter doesn’t have to be boring. Make it worth reading.

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