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The social network Instagram is used by many people in their daily life. Someone looks and comments on other people’s photos while someone is really trying to promote their account. For convenience, most users perform all actions through the mobile application of the social network. It is quite convenient and functional, but it is impossible to enable the default dark theme. Let’s look at how to make Instagram black on Android using special services and programs. This article will give you a complete guide about Instagram dark mode android & also reviews in 2020.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram: Instagram Dark Mode Android 

The Android operating system’s special services and internal capabilities will help you activate the Instagram mobile application’s dark mode. Each of the methods will be described in detail below.

Method 1: through phone settings

In the settings of modern phones, you can find a special option after activating, which the entire interface design becomes dark. This feature is available to many smartphones, be it Samsung, Huawei, Honor, or Xiaomi.

First, you need to activate the night mode in the settings. The following instruction will help you to do everything right and avoid mistakes:

  • Go to the ” Screen ” or ” Display ” section.
  • Open the ” Dark Mode ” tab.
  • Next to the ” Dark Mode ” item, move the slider to the right. The indicator next to the corresponding line should change its color.

Now, to make the background on Instagram black, you need to launch the social network application. All settings are applied automatically, so you don’t need to activate anything further. If Instagram’s design is still light, then try updating the program through the Play Store.

Method 2: using the Dark Mode app

The next option to enable the dark theme on Instagram is to use the Dark Mode app. It should be noted that it is completely free, and you can easily install it from Google Play. To do this, enter the appropriate query in the search bar. Go to the page with the program and select ” Install. ”

After the installation is complete, launch the application by clicking on the ” Open ” button or the desktop icon. On the main page of the program, click on the item ” Night mode. ” After that, the dark theme will turn on not only on Instagram but throughout the system as a whole.

You can also use other similar applications that you yourself can find on the vastness of Google Play.

Method 3: through color inversion

And the last option to enable dark theme on Instagram is to use a secret option – color inversion. This setting allows you to change the color scheme of the screen. Immediately, we note that some colors can be significantly distorted. But if this does not bother you, then feel free to go to the instructions:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the ” Advanced settings ” or ” Additional options ” section. All names depend on the installed firmware and Android version.
  • Open the ” Accessibility ” tab.
  • Next to the item ” Inversion of colors,” move the slider to the right.

Now the dark theme is automatically activated on Instagram, which, of course, looks good.

Thus, you can make Instagram black on your Android phone using the different methods described above. This theme looks not only modern but also significantly reduces eye strain.

How to enable dark Instagram on iPhone: Instagram Dark Mode Android

Using a dark app interface can reduce power consumption and extend your mobile device’s battery life, especially if you use Instagram a lot. White pixels consume a lot more energy than black ones. This is especially true for AMOLED screens, where pixels are completely turned off to display black.

Finally, the dark version of Instagram looks pretty. If you use the program every day, this consideration can play an important role when choosing an interface. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter also offer a dark interface. Like Instagram, they are all owned by Facebook.

In October 2019, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced that the latest version of the mobile operating system would be needed to work with the dark interface. At the moment, it is Android 10 and iOS 13. If this changes, information about it will most likely appear in the technology news.

If you have an iPhone running iOS 13, follow the steps below:

  • Open your operating system settings.
  • Select the “Display and brightness” section
  • Click “Dark” to change the interface.
  • Start Instagram

Instagram Reels review and comparison with TikTok

The birth of a new social network in the contemporary world is not an event to be taken lightly. Much of the social and political discussion now takes place on these platforms, and often even the most classic news and television shows rely on these sources to build their programming.

Having said that, it must also be remembered that, although the discussion has moved several times to different platforms, see Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. TikTok remains a platform for creating short video content and certainly not a social media devoted to discussion or all ‘study. But even these channels are now important for shaping public opinion on both frivolous and more important issues.

Instagram launched its Reels system earlier this month that we have already told you about in a specific article (complete with a video explanation).

In terms of functionality, however, the Reels of Instagram are much simpler. They offer fewer options, starting from the fact that the videos can be a maximum of 15 seconds long, against 60 for TikTok. Among the most important absent functions is missing the possibility of making duets or creating a new video starting from one made by another user and recording your own side by side. It also lacks a certain “finesse” in the audio management, not allowing to re-dub a video already recorded with new audio or adjust the volumes between the selected song and the original audio.

The biggest flaw of Reels, however, is certainly not the absence of functions (which may arrive in the future and that many Instagram users do not even know they can have) but the fact that Reels does not have his own “home” and inside of Instagram are hard to find and navigate.

Instagram Dark Mode Android

The TikTok algorithm, on the other hand, is mighty. Almost scary if you want to believe various conspiracy theories involving Chinese software. After a few days of use, TikTok will show you contents very close to your real interests: not all contents will be interesting, and few will be of quality, but undoubtedly the work that the TikTok algorithm does to keep you from closing the application is commendable. Light years ahead of the app owned by Facebook.

TikTok is an app based on discovering content; Instagram is an app based on following people and discovering new ones. It isn’t easy to stand out on Instagram, but it is much easier on TikTok, where a video can go viral in a few hours, even if posted by a user with 2 videos under his belt and a handful of followers. It is, therefore, not enough to copy the operation to obtain the same effect. And Instagram, in fact, to date, has not managed to convince many and the reels produced are few.

However, Instagram starts from a position of extreme advantage, with a much more popular and known app and potent tools such as many AR effects already tested and a huge music database. Going back to the point above, if Instagram were to find Reels a suitable “home” within its app, things could change, despite the worst algorithm and missing functions. As WhatsApp also knows, it doesn’t matter to have more functions than everyone else (see Telegram), but the user base is the most important thing. Also, Instagram has been able to work well on the reel creation interface by making it more intuitive and adding the convenient align function. However, this interface also suffers from homelessness, Instagram Dark Mode Android.

Instagram Bot Follower: what it is

Instagram Bot Follower (IBF) is a potent tool, which can be used to automate various operations on Instagram, which otherwise you would have had to perform manually.

In particular, it is a bot falling into the ” web-based ” category. This means that you do not have to install any software since you can access the bot and set it as you prefer using only and exclusively your browser through which you browse the internet.

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IBF has recently revolutionized its platform, changing its name to Hyper Instagram Bot Follower and introducing new features such as the so-called “mass voting,” which we will see shortly.

Instagram Bot Follower: how it works

Let’s see how IBF’s main features so that we have a complete overview of what this Instagram bot can.

Hyper Vote

Hyper Vote is IBF’s most innovative feature, recently introduced, which allows you to interact with tens of thousands of other users’ stories every day, answering their polls, quizzes and questions.

Thanks to this IBF feature, you can create enormous interest around your profile, enticing users to interact with your photos and follow you.

Auto Follow

One of the most important traditional features of Instagram Bot Follower is auto-follow. This allows you to follow new profiles in a completely automatic way through the criteria that you will personally choose.

The auto-follow interface looks like this:

  • hashtags: users who have used certain hashtags in their posts
  • Places: Choose to follow profiles related to certain places
  • People: Follow the followers of certain profiles chosen by you

I advise you not to start in all these automation with the maximum speed allowed, especially if your profile is new. Gradually increase it until you reach the maximum within a month.

If you check the section that says “Pause actions everyday…” you can set a time interval in which the bot stops working. This is usually used at night to simulate human behavior.

Auto Comment

The auto comment tab allows you to automatically comment on posts related to hashtags, profiles, and places. You have essentially the same modes of action as the auto-follow tab.

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If you check the ” Comment to the feed from the timeline ” box, the bot will choose to comment on the posts that appear in the Instagram timeline.

Auto Repost

You can automatically share posts related to specific hashtags, places, or profiles in the auto repost tab. In my personal experience, this is not a very useful section.

However, you can decide whether to keep the original description or put your own in the caption section.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

Still have doubts about Instagram Bot Follower? Don’t despair! Below you will find frequently asked questions on this topic with their answers. I’m sure they will help you solve your doubts!

What are the best Instagram bots currently around?

You can check out a full list of the best Instagram bots in this article.

What is Instagram Bot Follower?

It is a web-based bot that you can use to increase your Instagram profile interactions in terms of followers, likes, and comments.

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Is Instagram Bot Follower Safe?

Certainly, your account’s promotion speeds are regulated according to the current constraints imposed by the Instagram algorithm.


If you have asked yourself several times how to increase the number of followers on Instagram, you cannot fail to read Ilaria Barbotti’s book! Yes, because excluding the purchase of followers on the social network which is not part of an ethical strategy, as far as I’m concerned, the alternatives remain:

  • accurate knowledge of the social network and of the transformations it periodically goes against;
  • sector tools functional to develop distinctive and quality content;
  • understand the dynamics and implement them.

I take for granted: commitment, perseverance, and hard work. You will find, for dummies, an accurate guide of Instagram features on every single button on the text. Fantastic! You will be taken by the hand until the realization of your first post or story! My enthusiasm, you cannot imagine what levels it has reached.

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