Is it Hard to Learn Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing technology and online data storage for business network concept. Computer connects to internet server service for cloud data transfer presented in 3D futuristic graphic interface.

Everything is on the cloud these days. If it is not, it will soon be. 

Did you even realize that all the details you enter into your smartphone are stored in the cloud?

Even your passwords!!

When individual data is present in the cloud, what can you think about the enterprise data? They have such tremendous data that traditional systems cannot deal with it. 

Research states that nearly 90% of companies have already shifted to the cloud. So, the cloud is already dominating the market. The report also says that the cloud computing market is projected to reach USD 623.3 billion by the year 2023 from previously USD 272 billion in the year 2018. The growth is expected to triple in the coming years. 

This is the reason that almost all big names are looking for cloud professionals who are trained, skilled, and certified in cloud computing. Professionals who wish to advance their IT careers and make a shift toward the trending arena look for the best cloud computing courses out there in the market. 

Many professionals get influenced by the Caltech cloud computing course, which is power packed with numerous essential features that an ideal online training course should possess. 

Let us have a look at some reasons for taking cloud computing certification.

Reasons to learn about Cloud Computing

As already stated, most companies leverage cloud computing services, irrespective of their size, type, or location. The growth of cloud services is consistently rising and provides you with numerous options for career advancements.

One of the most crucial reasons for learning cloud computing is the salaries it offers. A report by Forbes states that Google Cloud Certified Cloud Architect was ranked #1 in the list of highest-paying certifications in the year 2020. The average annual salary of a Cloud Engineer in the US is around USD 175,000. On the other hand, as per a report by Glassdoor India, Cloud Engineers can earn around INR 4 lacs at an entry-level level and up to 16 lacs or more with experience. 

As per Ziprecruiter, a Cloud Engineer can earn around USD 129,363 and may go as high as USD 175,000. This is the most important reason for taking Cloud Computing Certification, as these are the most sought-after certifications around the globe. Many cloud providers offer great certifications such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Certifications, and many more. 

Moreover, suppose you are an IT pro looking for options to advance your career. In that case, it is great to attain a Cloud Certification to demonstrate your capabilities in building robust cloud solutions. A certification in your resume proves your expertise in various aspects of computing to employers, and you become the most preferred candidate over equivalent non-certified professionals. 

If you achieve AWS Cloud Solutions Architect certification, Azure or Google Cloud Certification are rated the most in-demand certifications around the world. Many companies offer huge incentives to professionals who acquire preferred certifications. 

By acquiring a cloud computing certification, you prove to your employers that you are committed to your work. A cloud certification demonstrates that you have gone through rigorous training related to the domain and learned the concepts of cloud in and out. This enables you to work on many projects for your company. 

Another important reason for taking cloud certification is the plethora of jobs available in the job portals. You can find that many online job portals are flooded with vacancies for trained and certified cloud professionals. 

Let us look at what Cloud Computing is and the way you can learn it. 

What is Cloud Computing?

A network of remote servers or computers that are hosted on the Internet and is mainly intended to store and retrieve data is referred to as the cloud. The cloud providers offer various IT services, including databases, servers, virtual storage, software, networking, messaging, and others. Some of the most popular cloud providers include Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. 

These cloud providers offer services for storage and retrieval of data, run applications seamlessly, and also monitor them through configuration portals. 

How to Learn Cloud Computing?

Now that you have decided to learn cloud computing, here comes the how-to part. 

  1. Keep a check on your foundational knowledge regarding operating systems, Agile development, databases, basics of networking, security and privacy, and programming languages. 
  2. Master the foundational concepts of cloud computing. There are many online resources to do so. Learning on your own is always an option, but it can be time-consuming, confusing, and may get you tired. 
  3. Master different operating systems and their working, including Linux and others. Also, grasp all the aspects of networking. Most cloud platforms are built around Linux and that’s why it is important to learn Linux in and out. 

Understanding networking is important because it is the glue that binds everything together. This way, you will learn the ways different servers communicate and enable you to do your tasks with seamless integration. 


  1. Understand the working of cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, or any cloud platform. These cloud platforms offer different certifications for different levels, such as Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Cloud practitioner, etc.

The different levels are:

Entry Level

Associate Level

Professional Level

Expert Level

Architect Level

  1. Get Trained

An online training course can help you come over the confusion of IaaS, PaaS, XaaS, and SaaS. you can accelerate your career in cloud computing with these online courses and work with different cloud services. 

This is the reason that almost all big names are looking for cloud professionals who are trained, skilled, and certified in cloud computing. Professionals who wish to advance their IT careers and make a shift toward a cloud computing degree and look for the best cloud computing courses out there in the market.


An online training course enables you to embark on your career journey in cloud computing platforms. Some of the best online courses allow you to work with all the relevant tools and platforms. Industry projects and real-life projects make online courses worth taking. 

One thing to be for sure is that the cloud is the present, and it is the future. So a career in this domain can be lucrative and rewarding and can provide you with many options for advancements. 

Enroll yourself Now!!

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