What is the going rate for painting a house these days? in 2022

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ccording to the estimates of various industry professionals, the cost of painting a Dublin home with three bedrooms can range anywhere from €2,411 to €35,111 on average.

The cost can vary widely based on a number of aspects, such as the square footage, the number of bedrooms, whether or not both the inside and exterior of the house require painting, its current state, and its architectural design.

The national average cost of painting a house, broken down by city in Dublin

In order to provide you with an estimate of the expenses involved in painting a house, we consulted professionals in two different large cities.

What is the going rate for painting a house’s exterior these days?

Depending on the size, condition, and ease of access to the home, the cost of painting the exterior might range anywhere from 4,111 euros to 21,111 euros on average.

According to aquapainting.ie in Dublin, the cost of repainting the outside of a property with multiple levels will, of course, be greater than the cost of painting only one level.

This is necessary because some height access requirements call for scaffolding or other equipment. Since it is now against the law to work from a ladder that is higher than 2 metres, property owners who have a home or apartment that is two or three stories tall should be aware of the additional costs involved.

In a similar vein, aquapainting in Dublin stated that there were “many other factors to take into consideration.”

“It is expected that painting a house’s interior as well as its outside will cost anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000 euros total. This is depending on the fixes and details within the home itself. For instance, if you have French windows throughout your house, it will take a painter a significantly longer amount of time to finish the task. (Alprazolam) ”

Aquapainting estimated that homeowners of a two-story home would “be looking at anything between €25-35k” for the cost of their project.

How much does it typically cost to have the inside of a house repainted?

If the house has three bedrooms and is in good shape overall, the cost to paint its inside is estimated to be €3,811 on average. The size of the house, the architectural style of the house, the age of the property, and a host of other factors can all have an impact on this, as the specialists have pointed out.

According to Mr. Gordon’s explanation, “We calculate our quotations based on the hourly rate in addition to the cost of materials.”

In general, our rates are as follows: €55 per hour, €25 per litre, plus any miscellaneous things. Painting a contemporary flat with one bedroom that is in good shape typically takes three days and utilises approximately 41 litres of paint.”

Some house painters in Dublin base their rates on the number of hours they are required to work on a project, while others offer a variety of alternative pricing structures.

He mentioned that he offers clients two different payment options.

He stated, “My rate is €55 per hour, plus the cost of materials.”

“However, the majority of my customers go with the day fee (511 euros), which permits me to paint a particular region in addition to any other tidbits and pieces I can cram in between periods of drying time.”

A house’s total cost to be painted depends on a number of factors

In order to arrive at an accurate estimate of the overall cost of painting a house, it is necessary to take into account a number of additional aspects in addition to the quantity of paint required and the amount of time required to complete the project.

  1. The state in which

The cost of painting a house can vary widely depending on factors such as its current state, as well as its age and architectural style.

According to Mr. Gordon, “an older one-bedroom flat is more likely to require more preparation, therefore you should anticipate to pay up to €1111 or more more.”

Because of their high ceilings, elaborate cornices, and ceiling roses, older Edwardian, Victorian, and Federation homes will also cost significantly more. It is possible to spend more than €21,111 in order to have one of them repainted. Building a new house is a lot less difficult.”

  1. Obtainable

Consider the accessibility of the space and the sections that need to be painted, as this will play a role in the additional costs that may be incurred as a result of your painting project.

Is there everything you need in the house? If this is the case, do you have to rearrange and cover the furniture, which reduces the amount of area in which you are able to work? “aquapainting” stated.

  1. Details

It’s not just the age or design of the property that might drive up the cost of your paint work; there are plenty of other factors to consider as well.

Aquapainting advised, “We need to examine what kind of ceilings, windows, and architraves we are working with,” and he emphasised the importance of this point.

“Do the ceilings have cornices that have been moulded? Are the windows traditional French windows made of timber?”


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