Josh Duggar Barred From Seeing Kids After Being Arrested

Josh Duggar Barred From Seeing Kids After Being Arrested

The arrest of Josh Duggar that happened recently is leaving a vast effect on his life. It has further left a destructive impact on Anna Duggar, his pregnant wife, and six children.

Josh Duggar’s controversies, scandals and lawsuits over the years

Josh Duggar was held under police custody on April 29. Further, the 33-year-old was at an Arkansas jail and held without bail. A day after that, Duggar attended a Zoom call where the court hearing took place. The judge clearly gave an outline of the expectations that were supposed to come ahead. Further, he added the next hearing’s date, which was May 5.

Erin L. Wiedemann was the U.S. Chief Magistrate Judge. He clearly mentioned over Zoom call on April 30 that he advises defendants to check the charges nature put against Josh Duggar. Further, the judge said that the court would probably need a custodian who was a third party for him to reside. The judge added that it would only happen if the compliance were maintained with the bond’s conditions.

Further, the judge added that he would recommend Josh Duggar stay in residence with no minors. And that certainly implied that even if the TLC personality was released on bail, he would not be allowed to stay with his pregnant wife and his six children.

Josh was detained without the allowance of bail initially, but he does have the chance to request in his next hearing. The charges that Josh Duggar was charged for were not read aloud on April 30. However, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Arkansas did a press release. It was confirmed that Josh Duggar was charged with possessing and receiving child pornography.

In the release, they mentioned that Josh was possessing a material that has children who were less than 12 sexual abuse during May 2019. His trial is due to begin in July, and if he is proved guilty, he will be imprisoned for 20years. Also, he would have to pay a fine of $250,000.

Duggar family ‘disturbed’ reactions

Since 2008, Josh Duggar has been married to the 32-year-old Anna Duggar. The couple has six children, namely Maryella -17 months, Mason- 3, Meredith – 5, Marcus – 7, Michael – 9, and Mackynzie – 11. Just before Josh Duggar’s arrest, his wife took to her Instagram to announce the couple was expecting their seventh child.

Anna Duggar has not yet spoken about her husband’s charges. However, other family members like Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob have addressed the scandal and expressed their aggression.

Josh Duggar’s parents said in their statement to the U.S. Weekly that they are thankful for their continued prayers for the Duggar family. It was not said to the U.S. Weekly directly, instead said by one of their family representatives. Further, they added that the accusations brought on Josh – loving called by them ‘Joshua’ are profound. They added that the truth must be out, and the problem will solve at the right time. Finally, his parents concluded by saying prayers go out to Josh and Anna.

Jinger Duggar, Josh’s sister and Jeremy Vuolo, her husband, expressed their distress by only saying ‘disturbed’ to their fans.

The couple later took the help of their Instagram account to express their emotions about the allegations put on Josh. They said that everything would follow the protocols of the legal system. But they said they are against any kind of child abuse. Finally, they concluded by saying they support the judicial process and the authorities to give justice.

Josh Duggar’s prior scandals

Josh Duggar has been in another scandal before. His show 19 Kids and Counting had to be canceled in May 2015. It was because Duggar’s son – a teenager was accused of molesting many girls.

In the same year, during the month of August, Josh was caught cheating on his wife. It was caught when his accounts showed his relation with Ashley Madison on the dating site.

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