MX Player For Windows

MX Player For Windows

Historic multimedia player for Android devices, MX Player, has always been a great tool for playing multimedia elements. I choose to talk about it in this guide because it supports a huge variety of video codecs (if they are not supported by default, you can download the single codec individually) and for its ability to upload subtitles files. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about the MX player for windows.

MX Player is certainly a valid player on Android and, once you have downloaded it from the Google PlayStore, by pressing the Install, Accept. Then the Open button, you will certainly notice its practically minimal user interface. You will find yourself in the presence of the Video section, through which you can start playing the movie present in the memory of your device. The most interesting features of this Android player are given by its additional technical features: support for hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding. So in simple terms, these are advanced technical features that allow you to improve multimedia elements’ reproduction.

In addition to being used through gestures, the MX Player media player supports the loading of subtitle files. So, in short, as you will have understood, it is an excellent player, and it is a real shame that the user experience is a bit ruined by the presence of banner ads.

Mx player for windows: About the app

The most popular video player for the android operating system, highly rated by users for its simplicity and “omnivorous”. It can be used to view almost all existing formats, starting with .avi and .mpg4. Mkv. But the main feature of the MX player for windows Pro for devices running Android is the ability to play subtitles, even those that are not inside the movie but in a separate file.

Listing some of the player’s features, it is worth noting the multi-core decoration. This is the only one at the moment player that has this function in its arsenal. It is she who allows you to increase the performance of a dual-core gadget by 70%. The application supports streams and online sources. That is, the user can open and view flash videos. So the developer provided two types of decoders: hardware and software, which made it possible to solve most of the playback problems.

The utility itself will recommend you a decoder that will allow you to open the problem video. Another significant advantage is the lack of advertising. Do not discount the ability to move and edit the position of the subtitles quickly. Provided developers and four options for displaying records. So these are scaling, cropping, stretching, and filling. And you will get all this completely free of charge by downloading a new video player and installing it on your android device.

Often the “wrong” video file format becomes an unpleasant surprise for the player. Most modern players are limited to the popular AVI, MOV, or MKV. Against their background, MX Player for a computer stands out favorably, playing almost all formats.

Mx player for windows application

The MX Player interface allows you to understand the settings and functions quickly. The player is free to download, so you can install it on your PC without registrations, sending SMS, and paying for functions. You can adjust the necessary parameters right while watching a movie. So the player does not interfere with the work with other files on the computer and easily plays in the background in a minimized form.

Player functions

To watch movies and other videos on a stationary computer or laptop, you need a special program. Since the release of operating systems that enable recordings, users have been asking the question, “Which player is universally suitable for all occasions?” This is currently the MX Player. Its functions include:

  • Reading capabilities of almost all existing formats.
  • Four view variations – full screen, stretched, smaller picture, and original.
  • Stream selection for multi-core decoding.
  • Supports all kinds of subtitles when available.
  • The sound enhancement function allows you to increase the volume up to 200% instead of 100% in a standard player.
  • The ability to form lists manually. New files are highlighted in a different color, and already viewed files are highlighted in a different color.
  • Allows you to adjust the sound if it differs from the video in the open file.
  • The player remembers where the viewing stopped and can continue showing from the moment it was paused.

How to install MX Player on PC or laptop

Installing MX Player on your PC is easy. For the player to work successfully on a computer, this emulator is provided. It is a responsive application for using android applications on a stationary computer. Bluestacks installation process:

  • Download the emulator by selecting the installation folder on your computer.
  • After completing the download, open the program and find the player in the search menu. Do not close the window during installation.
  • Find and install MX player for windows on your computer in any free location.
  • After the installation is complete, open the player and enjoy watching any video.

Mx player for windows system requirements

The program does not have strict requirements for the computer. It is enough to have a little free disk space and one of the new operating systems. MX Player for Windows 7, 8, or 10 will work just as well as on the rest of the OS. Operating system settings do not affect the player.

Windows Media Player is the oldest video viewing program on all operating systems since the modern version of the PC. This program was created for a computer. Only then did they modify it and try to transfer it to cell phones. The list of formats for reading in Windows Media Player is limited. The interface is quite simple. The version is free. VLC is a popular utility for viewing files and listening to recordings. Not so widespread due to the lack of popularization and direct downloads. The interface is simple, completely Russified. So it is not difficult to understand the settings.

BSPlayer is another popular player. The smart functionality of the program allows you to find subtitles independently. It can even play videos via Wi-Fi without the need to download files. With the player, you can watch streams from the YouTube channel. Saving such videos is not possible. It is available only for viewing. The main disadvantage of this player is that the free version has limited functionality.

Instead of a conclusion

MX Player’s uniqueness lies in the versatility of the application – the player successfully works both on the phone and on any modern computer capable of playing video files. You can download MX Player for your computer in a matter of minutes, and the benefits of using the program will delight you for a long time. The program window’s pleasant design will gradually become familiar, and you no longer want to use another player. For ease of access, it is necessary to place a shortcut to the player on the desktop.

The program plays almost all types of video files. Download MX Player for PC is recommended for those who want to watch their favorite videos, movies and listen to music with clips on their smartphone or tablet. This program is very easy to use. Therefore, you can download whatever you see fit. By the way, the application has proven itself quite well and even takes pride in placing it at the top of Google. And the fact that it is absolutely free and practically without ads gives it additional advantages.

Mx player for windows application functionality

If you decide to install the Mx player for windows 7, you get a player that reads all files. It is perfect for both a smartphone and a tablet running on the Android platform. You can also scroll through them separately. This will increase the ability to read subtitles and regulate all the playability. MX Player for PC is the first program to perform multi-core decoding. On devices with two cores, the application has shown a performance increase of up to 70%. They compared the program to analogs that only have single-core decoding.

The video on the screen can be displayed in four ways. You choose it as you wish. It can be original scale, stretching, filling, or scaling. The program interface is so simple that you will understand how to manage it almost immediately. So the developer made the application free. You don’t have to pay money to enjoy your favorite movies or clips. There are also practically no commercials.

How to run MX Player on PC

If you decide to download MX Player on your PC, we suggest doing it through. On our site, you will find an excellent offer to get everything at once. If you download an archive, it will contain both an emulator and a program. We do not doubt that you will understand the principle of its installation. For example, after the guide starts, you need to follow its prompts. Next, enter your Google mail in the pop-up field and synchronize it with your account on your phone or tablet. Then you find a program in the search and download it. As you can see, everything is extremely simple and understandable.

Meet, launch and configure

MX Player is a multifunctional player based on the principle of multi-core decoding. This technology successfully competes with legacy single-core decoding, increasing performance by up to 70%. Convenient management, versatility, and support for most video formats and audio tracks have provided the program with a leading place in downloads among competitors.

At the first launch, the program will scan your mobile phone or PC contents, displaying a list of clips available for playback. So the “Settings” menu allows you to select a software or hardware method, adjust the settings for sound, screen, and playback.

The submenu “List” contains settings for the appearance of records. The available themes are light and dark. You can set the options for sorting clips into lists and specify folders to scan to find the desired video. So the additional built-in “child protection” deserves special attention – thanks to this option, your curious child will not be able to change the settings or erase the player.


MX Player for PC has a very rich set of functions that allow you to set completely individual settings for the player, creating the most convenient player for you.

  • Amazing “omnivorous”: the program reads 3gp, Avi, DivX, f4v, Flv, Xvid, mp4, Mpeg, WebM, and many other formats.
  • Four display options for the video being played: fill the screen, stretch, crop, and original scale.
  • Multi-core decoding with selectable streams.
  • Ability to work with multi-channel audio tracks, support for all popular types of subtitles (.srt .ssa .ass .sub, etc.).
  • Fast-moving between subtitles, changing the position of inscriptions.
  • The Volume Boost function’s presence allows you to increase the sound volume up to 200%.
  • Customizing lists. For the convenience of sorting, new video files are highlighted in a separate color. There is an option to form your list and an automatic search engine that detects videos available for viewing.
  • Automatic sorting of watched videos. In the general list, what you have already looked at will be highlighted in a different color.
  • Ability to synchronize the audio in case of discrepancies with the video file.
  • Play from where you stopped. If you are distracted from viewing, the “smart” program will remember the place where you stopped, and the next time you start it, it will offer to start from there.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any computer program, MX Player has its pros and cons. The creators tried to write a useful multifunctional program for viewing computer files, but there are still several drawbacks.

  • Very simple controls and intuitive functions.
  • Stability eliminates the need to update and download new codecs constantly.
  • Protection against children’s pens, which, when used on a mobile device, also blocks phone calls.
  • Convenience in adjusting parameters directly while watching movies or clips.
  • Automatic Russification.
  • A timer has been set that turns off the video at a specified time, similar to TVs’ same function.
  • High-quality video.

The program still has a paid version, but it is not popular because it does not provide any functional benefits. It simply lacks advertising, which is not so much in the free version. The users also attributed the disadvantages to the outdated design, but it does not affect the program’s work in any way.

The player plays any video without age restrictions, so take care to protect children from direct access to all files by creating a playlist in advance.


If you decide to download MX Player for your computer, you get an excellent program that plays any format files. This high-quality player is perfect for tablets and smartphones. And through our website, you can install it on your computer. Those who still do not know whether to download an application are worth looking at its advantages over existing counterparts. You can switch audio tracks of your favorite movie, watch videos or clips. You don’t even need to think about the format in which to download the film. After all, the player reads almost everything. You can customize the credits as you like. So here you can change the font, the size of the letters, the position of the text, the background splash, the shadow, or even the letters’ outline. For those with poor eyesight, this application will be a real godsend.

The program itself is fairly new. It appeared on our application market quite recently. But, already now it has become very popular among consumers. Join those who have already downloaded it to their gadgets, and you will surely become one of its fans. Often the “wrong” video file format becomes an unpleasant surprise for the player. Against their background, MX Player for a computer stands out favorably, playing almost all formats.

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