Favorite Elevator Shoes for Men

elevator shoes for men

An exciting feature of elevator shoes is that it adds height to the user without making it conspicuous. Fitted with lifts, elevator shoes can provide an increase in height between 2-5 inches. One outstanding brand of elevator shoes is GuidoMaggi. Elevator shoes are built to offer users comfort and style. The brand produces shoes that suit the taste and needs of its sizeable clientelé base. Elevator shoes are suitable for men who appreciate style, confidence, and looks. The following are some favorite elevator shoes for men.

Dress shoes for men

Elevator dress shoes are suited for men who desire elegance, smoothness, and style. They help to increase the height of the wearer, by the addition of height increasing insoles and lifts.

These shoes can be worn on occasions like dinners, weddings, corporate meetings, offices, nightclubs, graduations, speech presentations, interviews, etc. Elevator dress shoes can be worn on tuxedos and formal apparel. GuidoMaggi chaussures rehaussantes offers a variety of dress shoes for users. They include Imola, Sion, Monroe, Capua, Imperial, Sepang, etc.

Elevator dress shoes come in different niches. It is advisable for new users of high shoes to start from 2-inch shoes to enable them to get used to wearing elevator shoes.

When it comes to enhancing height discreetly, elevator shoes are a favorite choice among men, providing an extra lift while maintaining style, and you can find the best wedding shoes for men within this category.

Hiking shoes

One of the essential items for a hiking adventure is hiking shoes. Elevator hiking shoes provide users with a whole lot of advantages than regular hiking boots. Some of the benefits include;

  • They help to steady the ankles: During hiking, backpacking and carrying extra weight are quite common. So you would need shoes that can be able to support your ankles, making it easy for the hiker to move quickly.
  • High hiking shoes also help to prevent dirt that gets to enter the hiking shoes.

People can wear hiking shoes during periods when the weather is not very favorable, such as rain or winter period. An ideal hiking shoe should have temperature retention, which keeps the foot warm in cold conditions. Most hiking shoes are also water-resistant, meaning people can wear them, while it is raining or snowing.


Sneakers are one of the most worn shoes for many people. They are stylish, trendy, and very comfortable for the user. Sneakers are mostly worn for casual outings and treks, date nights, or work. Thick rubber soles are the main component to make elevator shoes that put the user in a relaxed state. Fitted with inner pads that can increase height to as much as 2.5 inches, elevator shoes are usually light, which allows them to stay comfortable for long periods. There are a few shoe brands that produce elevator shoes or sneakers. GuidoMaggi has a high reputation for manufacturing excellent elevator shoes, including sneakers. GuidoMaggi sneakers are hand made with full-grain Italian leather or suede uppers. Their sneaker’s linings are done with goatskin, which makes it very relaxing for the wearer. GuidoMaggi sneakers come in a variety of colors, sizes, and lift, which ranges from 2.7inches, 3.1 inches, and 4 inches. Some popular sneakers by GuidoMaggi include Giant zebra, Giant shark, Wembly, Cap ferret, Honolulu, Giant bull, Giant Dragon, Riverside, Wynwood, etc.


Loafers are shoes that are usually not fitted with lacing and fastening mechanism. They are comfortable to wear and are popularly known as a slip-on. In most cases, they can be a low heel or no heel. Loafers are worn mainly as casual outfits or sometimes as dress shoes. Elevator loafers have beautiful designs and add about 2-5 inches of height for men. They are usually light, comfortable, and have a great deal of style and design. GuidoMaggi loafer shoes stand out among the brands of high loafer shoes and brands. They are trendy, stylish, and crafted by hand, giving attention to details that suit users’ delight. These loafers are made from genuine leather, and the lifts are discreetly fitted to create an increase in height for the user. Some top GuidoMaggi loafer shoes include Ajman, Chambery, Aberdeen, Hammamet, etc.


Elevator shoes for men come in different varieties, colors, sizes, designs, etc. No matter your fashion taste or need, there is always an elevator shoe that perfectly suits your preferences.

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