Top 5 Habits and Traits of Successful Celebrity Couples

Celebrity Couples

In the modern world, in the era of social networks, many well-known successful celebrity couples and public figures sin by striving to make every step public. Weddings, divorces, quarrels, and reconciliations – all this has become the norm to all of the fans out there. The life of those actors who are in no hurry to reveal their secrets to others seems to be much more interesting today. Find about the top habits for Successful Celebrity Couples.

They don’t post joint photos on social networks every day, don’t make facts about their life public, they protect their feelings from prying eyes – but this and much more have made them a model of true love for a huge number of people. Some of them have already gone down in history, and some have just begun their journey together, but it seems that we have something to learn from these people. If you plan on meeting Russian women and creating a beautiful relationship, you must learn from the Successful Celebrity Couples.

  1. Paul Newman and Joan Woodward

The owner of the most famous set of blue eyes in the history of cinema, Paul Newman and the beautiful Joan Woodward met on the set. A career was already built behind their shoulders. Together, the couple survived the trials of fame, the death of their son, professional stagnation, and when the directors began to reject Joan from their projects, Paul learned to become a director to make films with her himself. They lived together for half a century, and until the end of his days, Newman was faithful to his beloved wife, jokingly explaining that there was no need to run after hamburgers if a perfect steak was waiting for him at home …

  1. Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti

The difference between Ponti and Lauren was 22 years. They met when the future actress was only 16, at one of the beauty contests, and Ponti later claimed that he immediately noticed her remarkable potential. He taught Sophie a huge number of life and professional lessons, saved her from a Neapolitan accent, taught her how to dress and paint, and invented the beautiful pseudonym “Loren” for his goddess. And he carefully selected roles for her. Therefore, the success of Sophia Loren is not only her merit but also the result of the work and love of her husband. They lived together for almost 50 years, until the death of Carlo.

  1. Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton

Actress Cate Blanchett and playwright Andrew Upton met in 1995 at a rehearsal of a theatrical play. They liked each other and began to date, and two years later they went to the altar. “When we met, Andrew seemed arrogant to me, and I was impregnable to him. And then we somehow sat and chatted, and he suddenly kissed me. I thought, “That’s it!” says Kate, “Andrew makes me happy.” Besides, his head is always filled with great ideas. It is amazing to have a person with whom you can realize any creative plans!”

  1. Jeff Bridges and Susan Gaston

They were recognized as one of the most ideal couples in Hollywood. Jeff and Susan met over 40 years ago on the set of Deluxe Ranch, where the waitress Susan served the crew during dinners. He was conquered by her at first sight and did not give up when he was rejected at first. Their union is direct evidence that Hollywood stars are ordinary people who are ready to listen carefully to their partners for the sake of their families. Their recipe for family happiness is to talk about everything that worries them, and the ability to adapt and understand each other.

  1. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

The Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell family are not strong in Hollywood. The first time Kurt Russell met comedian Goldie Hawn on the set when he was 16 years old. Then fate briefly split them in different directions, each of them was married and had children, but love is love, and then they came together and lived for 33 years. Each of them respects the other, and it is this respect that has become the key to the success of this marriage. However, marriage is conditional: Goldie and Kurt are not officially married. As they say themselves: “Why put a ring on something that does not fall apart.”

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