Myka Stauffer Face Backlash for Rehoming Adopted Son

Influencer and Entertainer Myka Stauffer Under Backlash Due to Adopted Son

Myka Stauffer, a famous YouTube personality is under severe backlash after she made an emotional announcement recently. She and her husband James Stauffer have decided to rehome their adopted son Huxley back to China. They became parents to this little boy whom they had adopted from an agency in China in 2017. They had also filmed the entire adoption process and their experiences during that time. The announcement of rehoming the autistic child is not being taken well by a lot of people around. However, the couple will stick to their decision stating strong reasons. According to them, at the time to adoption, they were informed about a congenital brain cyst in the child. However, as he is growing up, they are surprised to understand other developers too.

According to Stauffer, the child has other behavioral issues that they were completely unaware of. Two years back the couple decided to take care of all the special needs of the child. However, it is sad that they are now trying to rehome the child stating their incapability of handling unknown issues. Myka says that Huxley will be in safe hands and protection when he goes to his new foster parents. Besides, the new couple who are willing to adopt the child is more capable of handling his special needs. Myka Stauffer is already a mother of four more children and is quite a star too. She is a mommy vlogger with more than 7,00,000 subscribers and 75 million regular viewers online.

The decision about their adopted son

In a video with “The Bump” last year, Myka broke down in tears talking about Huxley’s illness. She expressed how sad she was trying to decide what to do because her love for Huxley will remain the same forever. Her husband James Stauffer took to public media and expressed his opinion about the entire incident. He calmly answered several questions that were thrown at him regarding the decision. According to James Stauffer, it is a usual problem with International adoptions. It often happens that the foster parents do not get to know a lot of hidden problems about the child till much later. It is because the adoption agencies do not mention a thorough history of a child in the adoption file.

Later Myka also added that despite knowing about the brain cyst, she and her husband were sure about other problems too from the time they had met Huxley for the very first time. It was a tough time for the family when they got to know that Huxley suffered an utero stroke. Due to the stroke, the child has developed ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Moreover, it is already at Level 3, which means there are lesser chances for a cure. Besides, the couple says that they have tried to get Huxley through every possible therapy and medical treatment that they could afford. However, there is not much improvement in the child’s condition. Now, the couple feels that he needs more and should be with people who are a better match for the child.

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