Scott Disick and Sofia Richie Split and the Reason Could Be Kourtney

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie split and the reason could be Kourtney

Reality star Scott Disick and model Sofia Richie have reportedly broken up after being together for three years. Although they’re in touch, they have officially split. As per reports, the couple did not have a spat but split on a happy note. Apparently, Sofia wants to “do her own thing” while Scott wants to focus on his mental health.

According to Sofia, Scott has a lot on his plate as of now and it is better for him to focus on himself. As a friend and support, she wants the best for him and it was also her decision to call it off. The model has been spending time with family and has moved most of her belongings from Scott’s apartment.

According to an insider who gave insights on them said that this wasn’t their first break up and probably won’t be their last either. The person also revealed that there are chances that the couple would reconcile in the future. So, we can very much call it a break, right?

The news of Scott and Sofia’s break up came to light on the reality star’s 37th birthday, which he spent with the Kardashian family. The party includes traditional Hansens cake and usual festivities, and expectedly Sofia was nowhere around.

In the past few weeks, the couple has been reported to seek medical help due to Scott’s mental health problems. It is best for them to spend some time apart, as the insider shared. As a friend and ex-girlfriend, Sofia wishes to have a healthy relationship with Scott in the future. It seems like she also hopes that Scott gets his life on track and maybe they won’t call it quits after all.

Why did Scott Disick and Sofia Richie split?

Apparently, Sofia seems to have upset Scott and his anger needs time to subside. He is staying low key as of now and not stepping out of the house much too. However, Scott wishes to get into a complete treatment facility but is looking through the most reliable options to seek help. He doesn’t want to be exploited as he did in the previous place.

One of the reasons why Sofia and Scott’s relationship is going to turmoil could be his closeness with Kourtney. The 37-year-old is reportedly seeking emotional support from his ex-girlfriend. They were found to travel for a weekend getaway to Amangiri.

The source reported that Scott is keen on having mental care and Kourtney Kardashian can handle him well. He is in a better headspace when he is with her and also with their kids. Kourtney has been with Scott for years and has supported him after he came clean of a rehab. She is sympathetic towards the father of his children and is great support for him.

Well, we can only wait to see how soon the TV star is back to being the best version of himself. We also hope he maintains cordial relationships with two of the closest women in his life.

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