Preparing For Short Hair Braids For Men

Short hair braids for men are becoming a trending hairstyle, especially since, with the increase in modernization, there is no hairstyle meant for a specific gender. Braiding your hair is a protective hairstyle that gives you a break from combing your hair regularly. It is also an easy style change if you want to try something different. 

There are different ideas of braiding, such as cornrows or the ideal braids. If you are not a professional in braiding, you can get someone to help you, but you can do it on your own if you are confident in yourself. The braiding technique should represent your personality and the style you are going for. Here are steps on how to get ready for short hair braids for men process.

  • Washing Your Hair

For any hairstyle, it is important to first wash the hair thoroughly. You should make sure your scalp is clean by washing it with shampoo and rinsing it off with conditioner using the conditioner helps keep your hair and scalp moisturized, which is required for healthy hair.

If your hair is not naturally soft, you should consider using a moisturizing conditioner to make the hair soft for installing braids for men. You should read and understand the components of the substances you use to wash your hair to avoid damaging it with products that are not lab tested to determine whether they are safe for use.

Some cheap washing products may cost damage your hair because they may contain harmful substances that damage the hair.

  • Detangling the Hair

Once you have washed your hair using the hair products of choice, you next must detangle. Detangling your hair before braiding is important to avoid the incident of coming across knots when drying or braiding the hair.

You can use a brush or comb to detangle depending on your hair texture and how tangled it is. Be gentle when detangling your hair to avoid breaking it. 

You should comb or brush the hair continuously but gently until you are certain the comb gets through smoothly. This assures you there are no knots left that could make the braiding process complicated.

  • Create a Parting at the Center

Once you are sure that your hair does not have any stubborn knots, you can proceed to part the hair into two equal proportions. This can easily be done using the teeth of your comb or a thin straight object to be more certain.

Ensure the part is straightforward to get the perfect results of the style of the braid for the men you will go for. The center parting affects all the braids in your head, and if you don’t get it right, so will the entire hairstyle.

After you finish the step, getting the rest of the portions may require you to get an expert or any available help since doing it yourself might be tricky.

  • Divide Your Hair Into Portions

You should divide all the hair on your head into equal portions depending on the thickness of the braids you want to get.

You should note that the hair between each part is what makes up the braids so they need to be of relatively the braid size you are looking forward to. The portions are also the number of braids you will get eventually.

  • Moisturize Your Hair

Since braiding will keep your hair locked in for a certain period, you may need to moisturize it to keep it healthy. Dry hair may break when it stays braided for a long, and that is why you realize some hair loss when you comb your hair after removing the braids.

Moisturizing also helps soften the strands of hair, making it easy and smooth to install short braids for men.

  • Clip the Hair Into the Required Portions

To make the braiding easy, clip the portions of hair that you are not working on. Work on one portion at a time to make your work easier. Clipping each portion helps prevent the portions from mixing up and allows you to work on one braid at a time without the others getting in your way.

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