Programmatic Media Buying: Revolutionizing the Way Ads Are Purchased

How advertisements are purchased continues to change as technology evolves.  Programmatic media buying has emerged at the forefront of this revolutionary change, drastically altering the advertising industry.  As detailed below, the programmatic approach optimizes advertising in the digital age.


Embrace the Shift to Programmatic Media Buying

It is not too late to pivot away from traditional advertising methods to media buying through programmatic technology.  Recognize the fact that technology has changed how businesses connect with target customers, automate the advertising manual tasks that your salaried employees currently handle, and you’ll connect with your target audience in less time for less money.  

The programmatic approach to media buying has largely supplanted the antiquated approach characterized by phone calls, emails, and sales insertion orders (IOs) that chew up time and money.  Programmatic advertising won’t completely replace the entirety of your advertising team, yet it will empower you to engage in real-time bidding four times faster than would otherwise be possible.  

The programmatic approach is a customized means of building bridges with coveted customers.  Programmatic advertising wins those all-importance impressions based on the idiosyncrasies of the audience, including their unique interests, behaviors, and other relevant data.  

Begin by shifting a percentage of your marketing budget to programmatic media buying, compare the results to your previous campaigns, and you’ll agree there is a significant difference in outcomes.


Ad Purchasing Will Never be the Same

Programmatic media buying is an automated approach to purchasing and selling ad inventory by way of an ad exchange that uses artificial intelligence along with machine learning to buy and sell ad spaces in an autonomous manner.  

Publishers and advertisers have the agency to alter ad requirements as they see fit.  The automation of programmatic media buying ensures bidding occurs with precision and in real time.


The Many Benefits of Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic media buying eliminates much of the middleman of traditional advertising, ultimately reducing the cost to present a message in front of target customers.  Such a high-tech approach is also favored for its timeliness.  The automation of ad-buying streamlines the entirety of the process for advertisers and publishers, cutting labor costs and guaranteeing the campaign occurs faster than would otherwise be possible.  

Perhaps the most intriguing component of programmatic buying is its ability to zero in on target audiences.  Algorithms combined with invaluable insights gleaned from data set the stage for connecting with the optimal audience at the most opportune moment in time.  

Programmatic media buying even expands a marketer’s reach to connect with an expansive publisher and inventory pool, ensuring the message is seen by many more targeted audience members.  Moreover, the programmatic approach optimizes the bidding process, ultimately maximizing ad spending efficiency.


The Return on Investment (ROI) Every Business Needs

If you were to poll the business owners and managers who pay for programmatic media buying, you would find most favor it for the reasons listed above and also because of its return on investment.  Programmatic media buying is also revered for its highly transparent ROI.  

In-depth data analytics make the advertising performance fully transparent, ensuring advertisers have the information necessary to make well-informed decisions that lead to conversions and profitability.


Purchasing Ads the Right Way

In the end, programmatic advertising is what you make of it.  If you buy media through this calculated approach with a comprehensive and well-developed strategy, you’ll be that much more likely to reach your campaign goals.  

The programmatic approach to media buying tends to surpass advertiser expectations when clear key performance indicators (KPIs) are established.  Such KPIs should be specific to the advertiser’s campaign goals, creating a measurable success benchmark to strive toward.  Setting KPIs also ensures the campaign can be evaluated properly.

Programmatic media buying is also unique in that it facilitates the purchase of ads along with accurate measuring and tracking.  The companies that go to the extent of implementing truly comprehensive systems for measuring and tracking campaign success collect accurate data pertaining to:

  • The formatting of banners
  • Viewership areas
  • Audience member demographics
  • Audience member interests

Furthermore, the programmatic media buying approach allows for A/B testing to generate insights into the ads that best resonate with the target audience.  Use this information with prudence, and you’ll have the insight and data necessary to make better programmatic media buying decisions as time progresses.

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