Stacey Dash Files a Divorce Suit Against Husband Jeffrey Marty

Stacey Dash Files a Divorce Suit Against Husband Jeffrey Marty

The latest reports from the entertainment industry have revealed the news of Stacey Dash filing a divorce suit against her husband of two years, Jeffrey Marty. In the light of this incident, leading newspaper The Blast has obtained all the documents of the legal suit that Stacey filed on June 15, 2020, in Florida. It seems that the lawsuit has a close connection with the allegations filed against Stacey Dash for domestic violence.

The same incident involved her husband Jeffrey Marty and caused quite a stir in the industry and social media. According to news reports, Dash filed the lawsuit in Florida’s Pasco County where the couple lives currently. The speculations regarding the connection of the divorce case with the allegations of domestic violence are made clear seeing the date of separation mentioned on the legal documents. Stacey mentioned the date of separation as October 1, 2019, which is just a day after both Stacey and Jeffrey was arrested following an alleged altercation.

Stacey Dash tied the knot with lawyer Jeffrey Marty in a private ceremony back on April 6, 2018. They knew each other for just ten days at the time of their wedding. Page Six has come out with detailed reports about the couple’s marriage, relationship, and now controversial separation. Back in April, Stacey had taken to her Instagram handle to announce her separation with husband Jeffrey Marty. In the post, she wrote that her husband and she have decided to file for a divorce. It is a difficult situation for them to end their relationship after much discussion and thinking. However, both of them feel that it is the best decision at the moment. Next, she thanked everyone for their support and requested privacy during the tough phase.

Marital dispute and separation

A couple of months back, The People covered the incident in which Stacey was booked for charges of domestic violence. She said that there were some problems between Marty and her while they were at their Tampa, Florida home following which police had arrived at the house. Despite no charges against her by Marty, deputies had to arrest her due to certain formalities. It was a peaceful proceeding minus any hassles. Later, Jeffrey Marty appeared for the proceedings on behalf of Dash, and the case was resolved soon, and all charges were dropped.

While the marital dispute was quite unfortunate and personal, it blew out of proportion soon. Later, her manager came out with some interesting news about the violent incident, which according to her was a misrepresentation. She said that it was Dash instead who was the victim and not her husband. Moreover, Stacey dash was already a victim of domestic violence from her previous relationship, and history repeats itself.

The misrepresentation of the incident upsets Dash and her family. She was the one who went through violence, came out stronger, and has since been encouraging women to step up against violence. On the contrary, the police spoke about the details of the September 2019 incident. According to them, they had received a 911 call saying that Stacey attacked her husband slapping, and pushing him.

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