The Best Colors for a Coastal House

If you love soaking up the sun on the beach, bring that vibe into your home with a coastal color palette, along with nautical decorations for your home. From blues to greens, these colors are reminiscent of sand, sky, and sunsets.

Sherwin-Williams Eider White is a bright, cool white paint that can balance the blues and greens often found in coastal homes. Another great bright white is Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan, a warm tan paint color that could also be considered greige.

Light Blues

Coastal paint colors often incorporate blues and greens as they are reminiscent of the sea and sky. They are considered soothing and relaxing, and they look beautiful paired with whites and other neutrals, as well as bold pinks and corals. The Sherwin-Williams color palette we’ve put together below has many of the most popular coastal shades homeowners and designers love to use in their homes.

One of our favorite Sherwin-Williams coastal paint colors is Sea Salt. This shade is a true chameleon, as it reads both blue and green in different lights. It also has a hint of gray which makes it very versatile. It’s a great choice for a bedroom or living room.

Another lovely blue-green we like is Skiffey Blue from Farrow & Ball. This shade is a little darker than Sea Salt and has a touch of grey to it. We love it paired with white trim for a nice contrast in a living room or bedroom.

Sherwin-Williams Eider White is a light white paint that is great for a coastal home. It has a soft grey undertone and has an LRV of 73, so it’s light enough to be used on walls but still gives you that nice bright feel in your home.

A beautiful tan that we sometimes use as a coastal paint color is Canvas Tan from Sherwin-Williams. This shade has yellow and gold undertones, so it’s warm, but it can also work as a light neutral in a space. We love it paired with blues, greens, and even bold reds!

We recommend trying Sherwin-Williams Palladian Blue if you are looking for a light blue with a bit more saturation than Sherwin-Williams Beach Glass. This blue-green is a bit more saturated than Beach Glass and has a blue undertone with just a touch of gray. It’s a gorgeous color for bedrooms or living rooms and pairs well with other blues, greens, and whites.

We’ve also included a few Sherwin-Williams neutrals that can work as beach house paint colors. These shades aren’t typically seen in coastal homes, but they can be very versatile, depending on how you use them. Sherwin-Williams Eider White is arguably the most popular neutral when it comes to coastal paint colors because of how well it works with blues, greens, and even yellows. It’s a great shade for accent walls in your dining room or living room.


Adding the right neutrals can add warmth and balance to a coastal color scheme. Sherwin-Williams’ Eider White is a soothing neutral that can appear white or soft gray depending on how it is applied. This color pairs well with both light blues and greens and looks great on doors, trim, and furniture. Aesthetic White can also work as a base for a darker accent color like navy blue or yellow.

Sherwin-Williams’ Sea Salt is another favorite among designers and homeowners for beach houses. This chameleon paint color can look blue or green in different lighting conditions and is a great choice for rooms that get more sunlight than others. If you choose to paint your entire home in Sea Salt, add some contrast with white trim or wood furniture to make it stand out.

If you want a blue that is slightly more saturated, try Sherwin-Williams Tradewind. This serene ocean blue has a hint of gray and green to create a beautiful and tranquil space. It’s a popular shade with both average beach homes and designers and goes well with natural finishes like driftwood, rattan, and linen.

When it comes to choosing a green for a coastal house, you want something that is rich and natural. Magnolia Green is a great option for beach homes because it pairs beautifully with calming and muted aquas and blues. This shade can even be used on a front door for a stunning coastal-inspired color scheme.

While many people tend to shy away from bright colors, a few vibrant shades can be used to add a pop of color to your beach house without being too loud. Sherwin-Williams’ Seashell Orange is a soft orange shade that evokes images of sunsets and sandy beaches and works well with beach blue paint colors and sandy neutrals.

When selecting a color for your beach house, remember that it will look 2 times brighter outside than inside your home. Consider getting a peel-and-stick sample of the color you’re considering and attaching it to a sheet of white poster board before you paint your home. This way, you’ll be able to see what the color will look like outside in various lighting conditions before making a decision.


Greens are nature’s favorite color and work well in coastal homes. From pale sage to deep seafoam, this color is soothing and revitalizing. Whether it’s used as a wall color or as a highlight on trim or doors, it creates a beautiful backdrop for your other colors and accents. Lavender pairs nicely with shades of green and is a great choice for window treatments. This pairing adds a touch of softness to the space and can help balance rooms that get lots of sunlight (particularly in the afternoon or west).

The best coastal paint colors for your home depend on your desired aesthetic. For example, someone who wants a beachy color palette but doesn’t want to do bright blues would love a light neutral shade such as Aesthetic White and could add turquoise or coral pink accents to tie in with the colors of the water.

For those who want a true beach house feel, Sherwin-Williams offers a popular blend of blue and green called Sea Salt. This color is calming and serene, and it morphs as the light moves throughout the day. It’s like a chameleon for your living room!

Sherwin-Williams also offers a darker shade of green called Dark Pewter. This color is a cool shade of green with a hint of blue that works well in any space. It’s a nice alternative to classic navy blue and can make a strong statement on doors or trim.

Other shades of green that you might consider include mint, sage, and avocado. All of these shades are a little more vibrant than Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt and can be used to add an accent to your existing colors. They also pair well with yellows, blues, and grays.


One of the more subtle color options for your beach house is beige. The warm shade is reminiscent of the sand underneath your feet and sunsets over the ocean. A soft beige like Sherwin-Williams Cottage Cream is the perfect shade for a coastal home because it’s subdued enough to not overpower other colors in your home. It also pairs well with a wide array of wood tones and can even be used on the exterior of your home.

Another great option for beige paint is Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige. It’s neutral with cool undertones that can look almost blue at times, giving it a beachy feel without being too overpowering. It has a grayish undertone and an LRV of 53, which means it’s in the light-medium range. Another shade similar to this is Sherwin-Williams Pavilion Beige, which also has a grayish undertone and an even lighter LRV of 48.

You can also use beige as a backdrop for your greens in the coastal style. Magnolia Green, for example, is a vibrant green that’s a great choice for a coastal style palette because it pairs well with the neutral beige and blues that are popular in this design trend. Another beautiful green for a coastal home is Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt, which has a soothing tone and pairs nicely with crisp whites and soft grays.

If you’re looking for a blue that’s more tropical than Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt, try Sherwin-Williams Meander Blue. This blue is a bit more turquoise than green, but it still feels calming and refreshing. It can pair with any other shade in this list and is a favorite among homeowners looking for a coastal paint color.

The last color to mention in this article is Sherwin-Williams Tradewind, a neutral shade with cool undertones. This versatile color can work with any shade in this list and even pair with a few other blues or greens, according to Sherwin-Williams. You can use it on the exterior of your home for a clean and fresh look that’s sure to impress your guests. You can add black hardware or woven accents to this shade for a more modern style.

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