Who Makes Bendix King Radios?

Bendix King radios are the go-to communication tool for firefighters in the field. They can be used handheld or mounted in bunker gear/Nomex. These radios have a wide variety of settings and channels. An incident commander can even clone them.

The KX 175 solid-state VHF navigation and communications radio was the first low-cost unit to receive Technical Standard Order design approval from the FAA. Today, the company’s avionics are found on almost every general aviation aircraft.

BK Technology

BK Technology Corporation, through its subsidiaries, designs and manufactures wireless communications products. The Company offers two-way land mobile radios (LMR) and related components that operate in the P25 digital and analog modes. Its KNG Series and BKR Series radios are sold to government, public safety, engineering research and development, and intellectual property applications. It also provides InteropONE, a Push-to-Talk-Over-Cellular SaaS service that allows emergency incident commanders to establish group PTTOC from their smartphones. BK Technologies serves customers worldwide.

Firefighters rely on their radios to communicate with each other and with the outside world. They need to have a durable and reliable radio that can handle the demanding environments of a firefighter’s job. A radio that fails in the line of duty can lead to serious injuries or even death. The best way to ensure that your radios are up to the task is by using a reputable brand such as Bendix King.

The Bendix King handheld radio is the ultimate in portable two-way communication equipment. It is lightweight and fits comfortably in the hands of firefighters. It can be carried around the field or stowed in Nomex and line gear. The radio has a variety of different settings, channels, and groups for flexible use. It also has excellent battery life and incredible range.

In addition to the handheld radio, Bendix King makes avionics for a variety of aircraft. The AeroVue Touch Integrated Flight Deck is available for light and medium helicopters. This avionics system is easy to operate and features a touchscreen display that is compatible with other Bendix King systems.

While Bendix King used to rule the general aviation avionics kingdom, Garmin swept in and captured most of the market before Bendix King could catch up. To combat this, Bendix King has been developing an open-architecture approach that makes it easier to integrate its avionics with those of other manufacturers. This will make it easier for pilots to upgrade their cockpit without having to replace the entire system.

The radio knobs on the Bendix King portable radio are held on by a 0.048”- or 0.05-mm Bristol spline setscrew. McMaster-Carr, an industrial supplies distributor, has a replacement set screw, part number 7048A12 or 7048A13, for less than $1.00.

Bendix King Aviation

After starting out in the 1920s manufacturing brakes for bicycles, visionary inventor Vincent Bendix was ready to branch out into aeronautics. In 1937 he created the Bendix Radio division, which began production of radio transmitters/receivers for aircraft. Bendix Radio quickly became a major supplier of flight instruments for military aircraft flying during World War II. Bendix Radio continued to innovate in avionics after the war, with new products such as the KY 90 VHF transceiver (1959) and the KDF 800 automatic direction finder (1969). Many of these Bendix King aviation products are still in use today.

Today, Bendix King is a leading general aviation manufacturer of avionics. It produces a wide range of products for experimental and certified aircraft. These include integrated flight decks, navigation systems, audio panels, and radios. The company also manufactures an extensive line of autopilots. Its latest offering, the AeroVue Touch 10.1-inch touchscreen PFD/MFD, is easy to use and compatible with all existing Bendix King installations.

Whether you’re looking for a single-band or dual-band portable radio, Bendix King has the perfect solution for your needs. Their handheld radios are lightweight yet powerful enough to handle the rigors of firefighting. Their range allows firefighters to communicate across vast distances and rough terrain.

There are over 1 million career and volunteer firefighters in the United States, and all of them need reliable communication technology. Bendix King radios are the ideal choice for these professionals because of their durability and functionality. They are made to stand up to rigorous use, including abrasions, water, and dust.

These radios can be easily carried in a firefighter’s pocket or placed in the bunker gear/Nomex for arduous field use. They have an impressive range and are simple to operate through push-to-talk technology. Bendix King also offers a base station radio that can be used in Incident Command posts or fire stations. This type of radio is perfect for dispatches or supervisory positions. It’s a great option for wildland firefighting, too. It can be plugged into line gear and fits neatly in the station. This radio also has the capability to connect to a GPS system for navigation and weather updates.

Bendix King Electronics

The company that makes Bendix King radios has been around for more than a century. During its history, it has made everything from automotive brake systems to vacuum tubes, aircraft hydraulics, and electric power systems. It also produced avionics equipment such as radar, autopilots, and communication devices. In 1956, it created a separate unit to focus on general aviation. The company continued to develop innovations in radar and other avionics, and it became one of the most respected names in general aviation electronics.

Today, Bendix King is a division of Honeywell that develops a full suite of avionics for general aviation aircraft. The company uses an open-architecture design that enables all Bendix King products to work together seamlessly. This allows pilots to upgrade their panels without worrying about compatibility issues. The company’s newest avionics include engine monitors from JPI Instruments and autopilots from TruTrak Flight Systems. Bendix King also recently announced a partnership with Avidyne to manufacture avionics under its brand name and provide sales and support for them.

Bendix King is a preferred vendor for the Bureau of Land Management and the USDA Buy Teams, and it leverages Honeywell’s engineering resources to develop new products. It also has an extensive network of authorized dealers in North America and internationally. The company’s products are used by countless emergency service personnel.

Firefighters depend on their communications systems in life-threatening situations and need them to be reliable. For this reason, firefighters choose to use Bendix King radios. These radios are durable and can withstand the rugged environments that firefighters operate in. They are also ideal for use in mobile command centers.

The Bendix King radios are a good choice for firefighters because they can be mounted to line gear and bunker gear. They are also water-resistant and can withstand the heat of a fire. They are the best radios on the market for firefighting applications.

The Bendix Corporation was founded in 1911 by Vincent Hugo Bendix, an American inventor who patented an automatic starter for automobiles. It later expanded its operations to the aviation industry, where it manufactured everything from airframes and hydraulic systems for braking and flap activation to electrical and electronic equipment. The company also sponsored the Bendix Continental Air Race, a point-to-point transcontinental flight that was held between 1931 and 1962.

Bendix King Avionics

When it comes to rugged and reliable communications equipment, Bendix King radios are the ultimate choice for wildland firefighting. These handheld units are small enough to fit in your hand, making them easy to use. They also have a high capacity for transmitting over long distances. In addition to being durable, they are incredibly lightweight. These features make them ideal for the arduous job of a firefighter.

Bendix King Avionics is a division of Honeywell that provides avionics systems for experimental, Part 23, and Class 1, 2, and 3 certified aircraft. The company is committed to bringing advanced technologies to pilots of general aviation aircraft. The company has a wide range of products, services, and support to help customers improve their flight experience.

The company has a rich history in manufacturing radios, radars, and other avionics equipment. During World War II, Bendix made nearly every ancillary instrument and piece of equipment for US military aircraft. After the war, Bendix continued to develop new technology and products.

In the late 1980s, Bendix Avionics merged with King Radio to form Bendix-King. During this period, the company was the ruler of the general aviation avionics world. During this time, hardly a piston or turboprop airplane was built in Wichita, Kerrville, or Independence without some Bendix radar or King avionics in the panel.

Today, the company offers a variety of radios for a wide range of applications. The Bendix King BKR 5000 is popular for wildland firefighters due to its durable construction and powerful trunking capabilities. It is also a great choice for flight schools and training operations because of its ability to provide multiple simultaneous transmissions.

The radio is also compatible with P25 communication systems. It can be upgraded to include AES/DES/OFB Level 2 encryption for enhanced security. The radio is also cloneable using the KNG2-P150 cloning cable.

In addition to radios, Bendix-King Avionics produces a wide range of nav/coms, autopilots, and other navigational products. The company also offers a range of cockpit upgrades for experimental and certified aircraft. The company is working on FAA STCs for the AeroVue Touch Integrated Flight Deck, which will allow owners of light and medium helicopters to upgrade their panels with state-of-the-art avionics.

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