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One of the sciences that require in-depth research, using complex formulas, and with the highest degree of accuracy is Radiology. A series of parameters are calculated in close correlations expressed in different quantities. The standardization and uniformity of units for the values of equivalent dose, radiation dose, exposure, and absorbed dose is a must in any radiological equation. The following article helps you review the most reputable online radiation calculator from It makes solving radiology research tasks the easiest and fastest. Find out features and how to use the this radiation converter below.

What radiation parameters can be supported with this converting tool? 

The intensity of radiation in the surroundings is illustrated based on the amount of radiation per unit time. It shows that the absorption efficiency of the object is linear with the radiation source exposure time. Foxconverter versatile radiation unit conversion helps users perform radiation calculations using the following units:

  • Gray (and agreements) per second
  • Sievert per second
  • Rem per second
  • Watt per kilogram
  • Joule per kilogram per second

A complete list of the units you are looking for displayed in this radiation conversion can be found. The collection meets all your parameter transforming needs with just a drag of the slider as shown in the images.

online radiation

How to start converting units on the radiation calculator on 

You will get the results you want for any complex calculation in seconds with this radiation conversion calculator.

  • All you need to use Foxconverter tools is an Internet-connected device. Foxconverter online service is compatible with all devices regardless of operating system or other technical requirements.
  • The radiation calculator is opened through web browsers.
  • You don’t need to sign up for an account or pay a tracking fee. It’s convenient that all the tools provided on are free to customers.
  • Once the converter is open, you will be able to access an extremely streamlined and easy-to-use toolkit that includes 2 data windows and a measurand category.
  • Changing the measurement system for the numeric values is the step. Enter the value to be converted into the input window (left side for PC, top for phone display)
  • The equivalent value in your desired unit will be solved tanks to sophisticated algorithms using standard formulas, giving you 100% accurate results.


Without a doubt, this is the best online option for dealing with abstract nuclear physics hassle-free. Visit the website to enjoy these extraordinary benefits.

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