The Best Way to Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes

Best Way to Write an Essay in Under 30 Minutes

Time shortage doesn’t sound like doom today. There is no need to spend days and weeks coming up with task delays and excuses for your teacher. You don’t also need to become an essay writer in a professional way to complete it perfectly. Remember, you are only a student, and every student can actually write their essays in under 30 minutes! Don’t believe it? Read our guide on creating a full piece, even if it is the last 30 minutes before your class!

  1. Turn off distractions.

Someone can agree or disagree with this statement, but mobile apps are among the most distractive components in students’ lives. When students are writing an essay, and they are short on time, it is essential to reduce unnecessary notifications on the phone. It can be useful to get special focusing tools as Study Bunny, Freedom, or Stay Focused. Yes, this could be one more app on your mobile phone, but it helps you increase your productivity and fully dedicate time to essay writing. Here is essay writer for hire.

  1. Read what others do, but don’t copy.

To cope with the academic task faster, students need to compare their ideas with others. It is essential to read educational blogs and articles to get inspiration on your topic. Especially beneficial is such services for students as EssayShark, where everyone can find writing specialists and get a better explanation of their topic even in strict time limits. When you want to find out what other students say, read the EssayShark review page and compare how it can help you.

  1. Provide productive research.

Search through as many sources as you can to gain perfect results while writing your essay. Your research method can be unique and relate to your essay topic. For example, when you write an essay on a social study, try to include data from polls or interviews. Conducting a survey can also be a good idea if you work on a psychological essay. As you see, research is not only books and articles, but also personal investigation even on a common topic.

  1. Outline each part.

Once you’ve collected enough details for your essay, try to write a short description of each of them. It can be a handwritten draft you can type and organize later on. Otherwise, to speed up your process, you can record your ideas and transcribe your voice into text. This function is correctly working in Google Docs. After the essential information is converted to text, try to place it in the right order. Usually, an essay contains an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  1. Format correctly.

Indeed, before the introduction paragraph of your essay, you need to include a title page. Also, don’t forget about the list of cited sources that goes after the essay conclusion. When you have no more than 30 minutes for your essay, try to use online citation generators for such styles as Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and APA. These tools will undoubtedly save your time both with in-text citations and the references list in the end!

  1. Check on plagiarism in the blink of an eye.

When you follow all your essay instructions and don’t want your text to be rejected by your teacher, check its originality. With such online tools as SmallSEOTools or PlagiarismDetector, you can easily catch borrowed text and change it for more original content. You can surely leave in-text citations from journals, articles, books, videos, and documents if you mention its author with the right formatting style.

  1. Edit and proofread independently.

When you are writing essays in under 30 minutes, you don’t have time to ask your peers for a response. Therefore, we recommend checking your essay at reliable online grammar checkers such as Grammarly, Ginger, or Hemingway app. These are fast tools that increase your grammatical, spelling, and punctuation correctness. Moreover, it will save your essay text from rejections.

Final Words

As you see, The Best Way to Write essays in under 30 Minutes Then, your essay will be a great example of a quick, high-quality academic text.

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