What are the units of the Class 11th Biology NCERT book?


The NCERT class 11th biology book is undoubtedly the best book for biology. It is able to cover a lot of information in the best possible way. It is the best type of explanation that the students can get for themselves for the easy understanding. The concepts have been explained with a great amount of ease. This is considered to be the best way in which a lot of assistance can be provided.

In this article an attempt would be made to cover the important questions and chapters of the book of class 11 biology NCERT book. These chapters are considered very important from the perspective of examination. A student should gain the complete information about these chapters so that it is easier for him to score good marks. The list of these chapters has been given in the following way. 

The living world

This is one of the first units of this book. It is a comprehensive chapter which covers the information about the biosphere and its components. It is able to focus on human life and animal life. It also takes into consideration the functioning of other microorganisms and plants in the atmosphere. It is considered to be a dynamic chapter which takes into consideration every important component of the environment. 

Biological classification

It is again the second unit of the chapter in NCERT class 11 biology textbook. This chapter is able to focus on the biological classification of the species and organisms. It is also able to bring information about the classes about all the species and the diversification available on this Mother planet. This chapter is very important from the perspective of examination because at least 15 marks of the paper come from it .

Plant kingdom

This is an exhaustive chapter of the book of NCERT Biology. It covers everything related to plants. It is able to cover the mode of respiration and transportation used in them. It is also able to consider the important processes of Reproduction of different types of plants. It is able to bring forward the information related to the functioning of the plants and the way they are able to survive in this environment. 

Animal kingdom

This particular chapter covers at least 20% of the syllabus. It is basically able to focus on the different organisms of animal species including human beings. It focuses on the different types of species present in the climate and accordingly provide for their functioning. It also brings the differences in the analysis of geographical functioning processes. It is able to cover a huge part of the syllabus because of the maximum weightage attached to it. 

Anatomy of flowering plants

It is another important chapter of the NCERT Biology book. This book is able to cover a huge amount of information related to the flowering flowers and plants. This chapter expresses the information related to the reproduction and the functioning of the flowering plants. It uses interactive methods in the form of diagrams and visuals to explain the process in a better way. At least 10% of the syllabus comes from this chapter. 

Structural organization to animals

This is another important chapter of the book. This chapter is able to discuss the structural formalities of every organism. It is able to classify the species based on the type of the structure they have. This is one of the best types of chapters that every Biology student would love. At least 25% of the syllabus of the examination is extracted from this particular chapter. It is able to cover a huge variety of organisms and then classify them on the basis of the structure. 

The unit of life

This is yet another chapter of biology. It is able to discuss cells and tissues. It is one of the best kinds of chapters which is able to explain about all the different concepts in a much detailed way. Most of the students are able to love this chapter due to the visibility of the syllabus with class 10th Syllabus. It comprises so many diagrams and other types of figures for the easy understanding of the people. It is an important method to gain Information about various concepts in one go. 


After having understood all the chapters in great detail it is important to mention that everything is important. If you want to actually qualify the CBSE examination and the competitive examination like NEET then understanding all the concepts is important. NCERT Biology book of class 11th is able to cover all these concepts with a huge amount of possibility of understanding. 

This is the best way in which students can gain a lot of advantage. This method is considered to be important for the perspective of the student to qualify the examination with flying colours. Be a part of Infinity Learn and brush up your concepts in the best manner. 

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