When the FIFA World Cup trophy was stolen

FIFA World Cup trophy

Probably one of the most iconic scenes that can be seen in football is when the captain of a national squad lifts the FIFA World Cup trophy after winning it. The online betting sites Bangladesh – 1xbetbd.com features the entirety of the FIFA World Cups, where players can win in any of its matches.

The current design of the FIFA World Cup trophy was created in the early 1970s. The first time it was used was for the 1974 edition of the tournament. Earlier editions of the championship awarded a trophy known as the Jules Rimet Cup. Its namesake was Jules Rimet, who was the first president of FIFA and a key figure behind the creation of this competition.

Thanks to Jules Rimet and many other people, the FIFA World Cup that we know and love today was born. In the 1xBet Bangladesh sites, it is possible to make great online betting and win with its opportunities.

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The infamous episode

The Jules Rimet Cup was given in every edition of the FIFA World Cup between 1930 and 1970. The 1966 edition of the competition was hosted in England, and it was the first time when the Three Lions became World Champions. To make a bet live 1xBet on the English squad can be a great option, as they perform quite well in the tournaments of which they are part.

As it is customary for the trophy, FIFA gives it to the football association of the hosting nation a few months before the beginning of the cup. The English FA kept it on its building under constant watch. (https://www.happinessispets.com/valium/) However, there were a few occasions when the trophy was lended to certain entities for some selected events.

A company known as Stanley Gibbons asked the FA to have the trophy for an event of their own. The FA agreed. Many people want to have this incredible trophy, and to make a live bet on 1xBet can make users feel like they are close to it.

The theft

Unfortunately, the security given by Stanley Gibbons was far from perfect. There were many moments when nobody was watching the trophy. You can watch players who lift the trophy while visiting www.1xbetbd.com/line for using its betting chances.

At some moment, it was discovered that the trophy was missing. All the police and investigation organizations of the United Kingdom started to work immediately. Later, the chairman of the FA got a letter in his home. It was an anonymous paper that demanded a ransom of £15,000. If the police were notified or if the ransom was not paid, the trophy would be melted down.

Finally, a citizen was walking his dog, who started to sniff a strange package near his home. His owner opened it, and it was the trophy. It was immediately returned to the police. Thanks to the actions of this dog, people can see players, lifting the FIFA World Cup trophy, while betting on 1xBet on the competition.

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