Why BMI is important and how you can calculate it

BMI or Body Mass Index in simple words calculates your body fat by taking your weight and height into account. Having a high BMI can increase the risk of developing various conditions like Type 2 Diabetes and various Heart Conditions. Therefore,, it is really important to calculate your BMI with the help of a BMI Calculator

There are two ways in which you can calculate your BMI. One of them is by using a BMI calculator and the other way is by doing some calculations yourself. 

How To Calculate BMI

Calculating your BMI with the help of a BMI calculator is hassle-free and takes mere seconds but if you wish to know how it is calculated here is how you can calculate it. 

You just have to divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height. For example, let’s say you weigh 60kg and are 1.70 m tall then your BMI would be – 1.70*1.70 = 2.89 and then dividing 60 by 2.89. 

Why is BMI Important?

Your BMI can indicate a lot about your health. If you have a high BMI then chances are you are more prone to developing certain health conditions. Here are some reasons why knowing your BMI is really important. 

1. More awareness about health

Knowing your BMI can help you to be more aware of your health. BMI alone is not indicative of a person’s health but it can give you a rough idea about what your ideal weight should be. 

 2. Can help you to eat healthily

Although having a high BMI does not indicate you are unhealthy it can still motivate you to eat healthy. This can help you to lead a healthy life and keep you away from various health conditions. 

 3. Making better food choices

Knowing what your BMI is can help you to make better food choices which can result in better eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. The more healthy you eat the less chance of you being overweight and obese. 

4. More exercise

When you are more aware of where your body is in terms of health you are motivated to be more healthy which can lead to you exercising more. The more you exercise the lower your body fat percentage is going to be. 


BMI stands for body mass index and it is the measurement of body fat with the help of your height and weight. Although this is not the best way to calculate someone’s body fat it can still give you a rough idea about it. If you are obese or overweight you will most likely have a high BMI and if you are underweight you will have a low BMI. 

Knowing your BMI can be really important as it can make you more aware of your health and can motivate you to be more healthy by eating healthy, exercising more, making better food choices, and making you more aware of your health. 


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