Why Shopify Is The Best Among The Ecommerce Platforms



Why Shopify Is The Best Among The Ecommerce Platforms

E-commerce has taken the commercial world by storm, generating an increase in hype gradually since its launch. Robust ecommerce platforms with a diverse line of basic to advanced features have been developed to serve numerous industries. 

These renowned ecommerce platforms give online merchants amazing capabilities, backed by sound marketing techniques and numerous features, enabling seamless expansion. There are ecommerce platforms that cater to nearly all types of industries and others concentrating on a specific type of industry.

Here, we’ll talk in-depth about one of the world’s most intriguing ecommerce platforms, capable of scaling businesses with the most advanced features and revolutionary tools. This e-commerce platform gives users unbound freedom and unmatched flexibility to manage their digital business at their fingertips.

A Brief Introduction With An Outline On Capability

Shopify is the most loved among leading ecommerce platforms, operating with a mission to provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions for businesses and individuals worldwide. This Canadian multinational e-commerce giant operates in over 175 countries.

Shopify packs breakthrough features and tools with continuously-updated techniques. This e-commerce platform lets you create, run, and manage marketing campaigns and promote your products and services from anywhere to any corner of the globe. 

Shopify: A Digital World With Unbound Freedom And Flexibility

Starting your business

Shopify is among the best ecommerce platforms that lets you start from scratch. It’s easy to build your brand with the business name generator that helps in setting up your existing domain or getting you a new one. Registering your domain on Shopify follows an automated setup process.

You can choose the best responsive theme for your online store. There are captivating themes available for nearly all industries – boutique shops, small-scale businesses, or large-scale brands.

There are hundreds of meticulously-designed themes, developed with eye-catching details and intriguing layouts, all customizable to suit your business.

Managing your inventory is a breeze with Shopify’s Oberlo, where you can build and expand your catalog, form relationships with suppliers, and create multiple accounts.

Marketing your brand or business

When you choose to market your business with Shopify, you are giving your brand the unique vision to make a mark across all major markets. You can take advantage of Shopify’s built-in blog to attract and build your customer base. The contemporary SEO tools help you find and sell to the right shoppers, irrespective of where they are.

With Google Smart Shopping and Facebook Ads, you can create powerful marketing campaigns in minutes. You can also sync your products and track results from a single platform through any device. Furthermore, you only have to pay when users click on your Ad.

Shopify also helps create Facebook Ad campaigns whose results you can track in real-time and reduce guesswork.

Take marketing to the next level with personalized promotional techniques using Kit. It allows you to:

  • Write and post Ads on Instagram and Facebook
  • Send emails to customers with email marketing automation
  • Seamlessly connect with other Shopify apps to perform specific marketing activities as needed.

Online store management

The inventory management on Shopify is a huge advantage for brand owners, as it lets them add the number of products they wish. There is no limit, and store owners can choose to upload items individually or as a bulk. Adding and editing product attributes is flexible and you can also upload custom images.

The abandoned cart recovery default notifies customers about their incomplete checkout process. You will also receive a complete analysis of abandonment reasons, helping you take measures to rectify the same.

Ground-breaking shipping and payments portal

With over 200 payment gateways, you give your customers the freedom to pay their way, and yourself the flexibility to accept payments instantly from anywhere. The 3D secure checkouts and payment data encryption ensure complete security of payment info and business data. Shopify Pay is the built-in payment portal for accelerated checkouts.

Integrated shipping features, with built-in shipping strategy, takes care of everything from dispatch to delivery, seamlessly. You can virtually connect to the world and calculate shipping costs through partnerships with the world’s trusted carriers. Also, you can manage all your shipping details and track every aspect of orders in real-time from a single place. 

Funding your business

Whether it’s launching your marketing campaign or scaling your inventory, funding your business is a revolution with Shopify Capital. No more lengthy application processes. Get the funding you need and keep your business moving as per market demands and your requirements. With Shopify Capital, it’s easy to concentrate on your business and keep track of the capital simultaneously.

Adding to the ground-breaking features Shopify offers, are the captivating themes, with fully-responsive, customization options, that take online businesses beyond the ordinary. Numerous add-ons and app integrations make building your online store a cakewalk.

The Conclusion

There are numerous popular ecommerce platforms like Big Cartel, Wix.com, Squarespace, Magneto, 3dcart, etc. that cater to the ever-expanding e-commerce activities. Each of these comes with state-of-the-art features and options to give the best consumer experience. However, going by several studies, Shopify stands out from the competition with its expanding pool of e-commerce and digital marketing Service options.

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