Write Effective SEO Copy For Your Website?

When creating a new website subpage, blog post, or product/category description for an online store, it pays to stick to a specific strategy. It consists of thinking about what your readers/potential customers might be interested in at the beginning.

You can use Answer The Public, Ubersuggest, checkwebsite.pro, Google Trends, and Google Keyword Planner to get tons of great SEO copy ideas. This way you will learn more about their interests, their needs and what you can do for them.

You can still create this type of content and we don’t have to worry that the quality of the texts you write is not the best at the beginning. And if you don’t have time, you can use SEO for Authors and order SEO copies from various places (e.g. websites and writing agencies, freelancers, copywriters, etc.).


You may notice that someone has already written excellent articles on topics that you would also like to discuss. But then it’s worth focusing on creating an even better quality article. Let them draw attention to a specific topic from different angles, present more valuable information, statistics and data. 

That it is rich not only in textual content, but also in diagrams, photos, videos, etc. This allows you to prepare unique material, which later Google will be more likely to offer Internet users when searching for this information.

This is also to encourage us to regularly update the content of our blog, website and online store. Perhaps you can now prepare these texts even better so that they contain more video, audio and other material. And something like this also improves the ranking of these articles in the search results.

Audience and topic

When you start writing, focus not only on the LockedinattheLake but also on the customers. Do you want it to stay longer on your site and even decide to take a specific action. This is possible if the text is clear and reliable for them.

Leave something like that for internal texts. But texts aimed at readers/buyers must deal with a specific topic in a specific and comprehensive manner.Relying on clear messages here is a good solution.


It’s a good idea to naturally incorporate your most important keywords/phrases into your headlines, headlines, and main paragraphs. 

These are phrases that Internet users enter into search engines to find information on a specific topic, to search for a specific product, service or company. It pays to resort to proven keyword research tools… On this basis, you can create a plan of the following texts that will promote your Internet business.

According to the principles of SEO, these keywords must be positioned in an attractive way for the recipients. There used to be a lot of tags at the end of this item or product/category description (for now, this action doesn’t have a positive impact on Google search visibility).It is worth using synonyms for these keywords, as they are perfectly understood and positively perceived by Google bots.

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