4 Manifestation Journals That Will Change Your Life

Manifestation Journals

If you are looking to alter your mindset, change your reality and have inner peace, you should start keeping a manifestation journal. With a manifestation journal, you will keep your goals close to your heart and create a roadmap to achieving them. A manifesting journal has prompts that will get you thinking out of the box and help you to turn every self-limiting belief into a stepping stone for greatness.  To help you start your journey, we will take you through four manifestation journals that will change your life! 

What Is A Manifestation Journal? 

A manifestation journal is a book where you write out things that will help you change your mindset and create your reality intentionally. If you have an old notebook, you can start a manifestation journal. The journal’s content doesn’t have to be specific to anything; you may write any thought that comes to your head freely. 

It would help if you wrote with intentionality. Include things you want to begin manifesting. For example, instead of writing where you want your business to be in the next five years, describe how you intend to get your business to your desired level. When you have started an entry in your journal, read it to yourself repeatedly until you internalize it. 

Four Examples Of Manifestation Journals

A manifestation journal is powerful enough to create an entirely new reality for you if you stick to the plan and process. Let’s discuss some of the best manifestation journals:

  1. Appreciation Journal 

Appreciation is a very potent aspect of manifestation. If you are struggling in any area of your life, add a little appreciation, and you’d begin to see the tide change in your favor. When you keep appreciating even the little things, you’d ultimately create positive vibrations.

In your appreciation journal, write down things you are currently grateful about. Read them aloud every morning and watch how your reality begins to adjust. 

  1. Relationship Fixer Journal 

A relationship fixer journal is excellent when you’re having relationship issues. Write down at least ten things you appreciate about someone. It should be someone you don’t usually get along with. Do this every day, and you’d start to see your relationship with that person change. Examples of things you can write in your journal are:

  • I appreciate the way he looks out for me. 
  • I appreciate the way she takes care of everyone. 
  • I love the way he smiles when he’s happy. 
  1. 5×55 Journal 

The 5×55 entails writing an intention down 55 times a day for five days. The 5×55 method cements whatever you’re writing down into your mind and makes it feel like a reality. You can think of something you want to see manifest and write it down using the present tense. Construct your sentences in a way that shows gratitude and excitement. Below are some examples:

  • I now allow into my life things that make me happy 
  • I love seeing the way my life is coming together 
  1. Morning Manifestations

Manifestations done in the morning are one of the most powerful ways to start your day. Morning manifestation sets the tone for your day. When you keep a morning manifestation journal, your direction is positioned towards the north star, and you’d see yourself not falling into a loop of repeated patterns. Below are examples of morning manifestation journals:

  • Ten ways I want to feel this morning 
  • Five actions I am feeling inspired to take today 
  • Ten people I am appreciative of today

Final Thoughts 

There is nothing more powerful than repeating a pattern of positivity daily. Thankfully, you have the manifestation and self care journal to help you! Manifestation journals will improve your life and relationship with other people. 


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