Bhabhi TV Series All Characters Real Names with Images

Bhabhi TV Series
Bhabhi TV Series

Bhabhi TV Series All Characters Real Names with Images information and details has been provided here. Bhabhi TV serial was first aired on 18th March, 2002 and went off air on 23rd May, 2008 after completion of 1328 episodes on Star Plus. It was produced by Ronnie Screwvala and Zarina Mehta.

So, let’s see all characters real names of Bhabhi TV Series with images.

Brief Information and Details on Bhabhi TV Serial

  • First episode: 18th March, 2002
  • Last episode: 23rd May, 2008
  • Broadcast on: Star Plus
  • Produced by: Zarina Mehta and Ronnie Screwvala
  • Total numbers of episodes broadcast: 1328
  • Theme song by: Udit Narayan and Indira Menon.
  • Approx. running time: Twenty three minutes

Bhabhi TV Series All Characters Real Names with Images

Saroj/Pushpa aka Dolly SohiSaroj/Pushpa real name is Dolly Sohi

Saroj/Pushpa aka Neha MehtaSaroj/Pushpa real name is Neha Mehta

Tilak aka Manish GoelTilak real name is Manish Goel

Tilak aka Mukul DevTilak real name is Mukul Dev

Tilak aka Joy Sen GuptaTilak real name is Joy Sen Gupta

Suhana real name is Kanchi KaulSuhana real name is Kanchi Kaul

Suhana real name is Rucha Gujarati Suhana real name is Rucha Gujarati

Alpa aka Pariva PranatiAlpa real name is Pariva Pranati

Rishika aka Pooja BhatiaRishika real name is Pooja Bhatia

Nihal aka Bhanujeet SudanNihal real name is Bhanujeet Sudan

Sushmita/Sush real name is Sanya Sukhwinder
Guddo real name is Tejal Shah
Dev real name is Vishal Singh.

Reshma real name is Shoma Anand
Kuku real name is Darmesh Vyas
Manju real name is Shilpa Shinde
Rakesh real name is Rahil Azam
Dapinder real name is Pulkit Nanavati
Vicky real name is Monty Patel
Sushma real name is Nadiya Rashid
Raju real name is Manmeet Chopra.
Mehak real name is Shivshakti Sachdev
Savitri real name is Vidya Sinha
Gitanjali real name is Gurdeep Kohli
Nanda Chachi real name is Nellu Kohli
Rahul real name is Sunny Moza
Tilak’s aunty real name is Rita.

Where to Watch Old Episodes of Bhabhi TV Serial

To watch old episodes of Bhabhi TV Series, please visit the official site of Star Plus. Alternatively, you could watch all episodes on official channel of Star Plus on YouTube.

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