Everything You Need To Know About Pumping & Storing Breast Milk

Breast Milk

New moms’ have a lot of questions when it comes to pumping breast milk, their pumping plan begins in their head before it happens in reality. There may be numerous questions that new mothers have regarding pumping breast milk for their babies. Their questions may be like what kind of breast pump should I buy, how should I pump breastmilk, how should I store breastmilk. So to make pumping easy for the mommies and feeding easier for the babies we help you know everything about pumping and storing breast milk.

  1. Gather your supplies for pumping and storing- Make sure you have all the essentials for pumping breast milk i.e. a breast pump a storage bottle with a screw cap, or storage bags, stickers, or labels. 
  2. Analyze your baby’s feeding pattern– Do not pump excessively or too little. Ensure you observe your baby’s feeding and pump and keep milk accordingly. It is advised to pump and store the milk in 2 to 4-ounce storage bags. This will help you prevent waste and will help make thawing easier too.

  1. Choose BPA-free Containers – To store expressed breastmilk for your baby choose containers that are BPA/ BPS Free. This will make sure the milk remains good and safe for your baby to consume even after longer durations of storing milk in it. Vega Baby & Mom Manual Breast pump Basic comes with a BPA-free storage container. 
  2. Find an easily accessible section of the fridge– Make sure you have a section of the fridge where you can keep the expressed breastmilk, make sure it is preferably the freezer or the compartment not the door of the refrigerator. It is preferable to keep the breast milk well-marked as per the volume, date, and time it was expressed. It is better to stash it in a tray in order of date and time of expression for better and more convenient feeding.

You can later take the milk out, thaw it and give it to your baby in a stainless steel baby bottle

Or Tritan feeding bottle for feedings. 

To Pump Breast milk you should follow the below-mentioned steps : 

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and ensure your breasts and nipples are clean before you begin to pump.
  2. Gather all your breastfeeding essentials, sit down on a comfortable chair, and relax.
  3. Before expressing milk, we recommend you massage your breast gently or place hot towels to promote lactation or initiate a letdown naturally.
  4. Take your sterilized and cleaned breast pump to express the breast milk.
  5. Fit the silicone pad/cushion firmly to your breast. Make sure that your nipple is centered so that the silicone cushion creates an airtight seal over the nipple. 
  6. Gently start moving the handle in an upward-downward motion until you feel the suction on your breast. Do it a few times to initiate the milk letdown.
  7. When the breast milk begins to flow, pump more slowly by pressing down the handle for deep expression.
  8. Continue this until you empty both your left and right breasts. 

  1. After finishing, unscrew the bottle from the pump body and prepare for feeding or storage.
  2. Clean, sterilize, and dry the breast pump before storing.

    You can later take the milk out, thaw it and give it to your baby in a stainless steel baby bottle

Or Tritan feeding bottle for feedings. 

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