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German Article Crossword Clue

Are you learning German? Do you want to get fluent? We’re sure you want, and you are looking for ways to talk like a native speaker. If that sounds like you, you landed in the perfect place for you. To begin with, you can take the crossword puzzles as a wonderful method to practice your German language and enrich your vocabulary. We all know, “Practice makes a man perfect.” That’s why it will be better to continue the practice and try to figure out the clues, and you’ll get better at it day by day. This article will talk about what German article crossword clues are and the resources to learn them. Let’s begin.

What is Crossword Puzzle?

Basically, Crossword Puzzle is a popular puzzle game and comes in square and rectangular forms. Whatever the shapes like square or rectangular, it has two types of yards, one is blank (usually arrives in white color) and the canceled (usually comes in black color). Here the mechanism is when you enter any word, the word will interlink or cross each other and then give a meaningful name or phrase. More precisely, the gamer needs to fill up the word with letters to make a meaningful word or phrase.

However, we find the first crossword’s birth linked with England in the 19th century. Interestingly, this type of game gains enormous popularity among the young to old.

Parents usually give their children to play such games to enrich vocabulary or spelling. Surprisingly, people are now using this crossword puzzle to learn a new language.

In German language, ‘crossword’ translates as ‘Das Kreuzworträtsel’ which means ‘crossword/ puzzle/ riddle.’ This is the same as English crossword. See, you already learn a new German word.

How Can Crossword Puzzles Enhance My German?

You may know that word games are a valuable source to improve spelling, vocabulary and ponder the meaning for a long time because the goal is to create a list of words from a root word. In this case, spelling plays a crucial role as one single mistake can ruin the whole project.

Besides, the mental thinking process that goes behind is significant. You think of the meaning and try to relate the puzzle that expands your memory. Again, you become habituated with the technique of finding solutions in difficult situations. For instance, when a tourist travels to a new place and has to go to the toilet but doesn’t know the correct word to describe it. Therefore, he/she fall into a bit of trouble.

Furthermore, you become a visionary and a good problem solver. These are all the extra benefits you’ll get. Most importantly, you’ll become good at the German language. That’s all we are looking for, right? The more you solve and make the puzzle yourself, the more you learn the words.

The potential answer of German article crossword clue:




The Resources for Learning German Crosswords:

Online has plenty of resources to learn German crosswords; hopefully, you won’t face any issue finding a compatible source. Here we enlist some sites and apps which will help you learn German and enrich your vocabulary.

Goethe Institut’s Deutschtrainer App:

Are you thinking about starting your journey of learning the German language? Goethe Institute can be a good fit for you. The Goethe Institute comes up with a learning and teaching app only for beginners. If you intend to learn the basics, then go for it. You’ll get tons of crosswords lessons to get yourself going.


You’ll love this website for sure if you are a beginner. Why so? Because you can choose your desired topic which you want to learn. Simply select the vocab niche you wish to practice, like foods, body, greeting, etc. You’ll get the basic listing easily.

Lexis Rex:

If you want to solve German Crosswords on a daily basis, maybe when you wake up, grab a cup of coffee, and solve one, Lexis Rex can be a good fit for you. This resource is so helpful that you’ll get English clues along with German. Moreover, if you are only focusing on learning German, it can help you for sure. All the terms you’ll find are related to English definitions. As a result, you’ll be able to translate the German word to English easily.


Another daily resource you should definitely have is Rätselfieber. This is a German-language learning site. You can have an end number of crosswords within site, and the most exciting fact is you can check your answer instantly. This is slightly different from other resources as it only consists of the German language for clues and answers. That means someone who is upper-beginner or intermediate can take advantage of this site.

German Crossword Puzzles Free

If you are more into mobile phones, then we found something similar to your style. The app’s name is German Crossword Puzzles Free. Here, you can select your desired size of crossword, for example, 9×9 or 11×11, or 13×13 squares. Moreover, you will find the opportunity to modify the settings, from extremely difficult to simple for beginners. However, this is a perfect fit for advanced learners as all the clues and answers are in German.

Books and Worksheets

Books? Worksheets? Hey, don’t fret. Sounds quite old-school, but this can really be the option you are looking for. You can still benefit from books. Let us tell you where you can find books and worksheets.

Amazon German Crosswords

Yes, Amazon! You can get authentic books for German crosswords for every stage of learners. There you can find English to German, only German and the both very easily. Furthermore, you’ll also get a series of publications on German crosswords. Certainly, you can buy them and try them according to your language skills.

If you ask us, we’d suggest from our experience “Webster’s English to German Crossword Puzzles: Level 1,” a must-have book for beginners. You can also take, for instance, print crosswords for language learners, which is offered by Lexis Rex that we have discussed earlier.

Discovery Educational Software

If you are someone who just wants to learn a few words and keep himself out of trouble, we can feel you. Therefore, this option is for you. Simply download this resource and print a copy. You’ll get a bunch of German crosswords with different templates and formats. For example, you’ll get puzzles. For your convenience, they make the answers in English, and clues are in German.

This is an excellent opportunity as you can learn both sides of the language, English, and German at the same time. All you need to do is practice as much as you can.


This is just like any other resources we have mentioned to practice German crosswords. However, this is only for the mates who are from New Zealand or Australia. If you look for ‘crosswords’, then it’ll bring up the results like English to English. For this reason, try using the ‘German crosswords’ specifically. You can even use the exact German term “deutsche kreuzworträtsel” or “kreuzworträtsel.

FAQs: of German Article Crossword Clues

Q1: What is the name of a German man?

Answer: The name of the German man is HERR.

Q2: What is a three-letter word for a German article?

Answer: The German article crossword clue has three letters. We consider the most likely solution to this clue is DER.

Q3: What are German articles?

Answer: In German, nouns are usually used in conjunction with articles. The article specifies the noun’s gender, number, and many more. There are particular articles (ein, eine) and indefinite articles (ein, eine) (der, die, das). For instance: one/the man, one/the woman, and one/the child.

Q4: Is German hard to learn?

Answer: Surprisingly, German isn’t as hard to learn as people consider. In fact, many aspects of learning it can involve the same skill-sets that one uses to learn English. Since both of these languages stem from the same language family, You might be astonished at what you learn even without trying! And besides this, German is an advantageous language to know, too.

Q5: Is English easier than German?

Answer: Grammar in English is simpler than grammar in German. English is made up of an equal ratio of grammar and vocabulary, which is 50%-50%. German, on the other hand, is composed of 75% grammar and 25% vocabulary, which means close to difficulty.

Final Thoughts of German Article Crossword Clues

I hope this article helped you to know everything about German article crossword clues. Here, we try to simplify everything and put more resources for you to make this journey of learning German easy. Now, it’s your turn to try out the resources and let us know in the comments section what you find best suited. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and family. Don’t forget to check out our other articles as well.

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