House Wiring and Rewiring

Wiring and Rewiring

Saving money is always a tempting prospect for individuals who attempt DIY projects around the home. However, there are some projects that require professional assistance.  A perfect example involves wiring and rewiring the home.

In fact, as it relates to anything involving electricity, hiring the services of professional electricians like those at Shuttle Electrics Ringwood is the smartest thing to do.  This is especially true when you consider the safety of your family members and your property.  The amount you pay to hire an electrician will always be worth the cost.  

Wiring and Rewiring an antiquated electrical system should be top priority for homeowners.  A number of benefits can be gained from updating your electrical system; however, the safety of household members tops the list.  Outdated electrical systems are usually not compatible with the high-tech gadgets used in the world in which we live today.  Devices like smart TVs, smart phones, computers, and tablets needing energy all need to be powered, along with modernized electronics and appliances.

Wiring and rewiring a home can be quite complicated, particularly for a novice.  As such, it is usually best to use the services of a professional for any electrical job outside of a simple project.  Working with electricity is not a project that can be handled safely by an unlicensed and untrained individual. In fact, it could be extremely dangerous to try to repair the electrical system without having the experience and expertise. It is better to leave the wiring and other complicated projects in your home to an experienced and qualified electrician.  You will be glad that you did.

If you are dependent on multiple power strips to satisfy your electrical needs, having an electrician looking into your system could be a good idea.  If outages or power surges are something you frequently experience in your location, you should consider contacting an expert for an assessment.  Additionally, outlets that get hot or have burn spots are signs that something is not right with your wiring and these are quite critical signs that should be immediately addressed.  Professional Electricians are committed to ensuring your electrical system is kept safe and efficient.  These professionals have created a list of reasons your system should be inspected and if necessary, rewired.

Health and Safety Hazards

  • Old electrical systems offer very as it relates to safety because old wiring could become tattered and even torn.  The oldest category of wiring is referred to as knob-and-tube, which is so named because insulating tubes and knobs were used for running the wire.  This type of wiring is not grounded for safety, and this is just one of the issues associated with this design.
  • Roughly 30 years ago, two-prong outlets were quite popular; however, because they do not have a ground wire, they now present safety hazards.
  • AFCI breakers and GFCI outlets are commonplace in modern electrical systems, and they are crucial for safety.
  • Having your electrical system rewired will ensure higher efficiency and will allow for the installation of AFCIs and GFCIs.
  • Rewiring will also provide the homeowner with an opportunity to position outlets where they are more accessible to household members.

Code Adherence 

  • For safety and efficiency, being compliant to local electrical codes is required.
  • It is the requirement of the NEC or National Electric Code that GFCIs are placed in every kitchen and bathroom.  This is a feature that is typically lacking in outdated electrical systems.
  • The NEC has also mandated that inside and outside of each bedroom, a smoke detector must be there.  The smoke detectors must be placed on every floor of a house as well.
  • Back in the 1970s, aluminum wiring was the norm; however, the majority of builder regulations call for copper wiring because this a more appropriate material for electrical systems.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

  • When an electrical system is rewired, its efficiency is being strengthened as well.
  • Having the electrical system rewired assists in preventing arc faults, short circuits, and overloads.  All of these issues contribute to fluctuating power that increases utility bills.
  • Having the system rewired distributes power more evenly as well.  This is accomplished through the use of selective wire specifically made for modernized homes.
  • Thermostats that have new wiring are a lot more efficient when controlling your HVAC system.  This is an indication that heating, and cooling are being more efficiently distributed.

Modern Electrical Usage

  • Put simply, outdated electrical systems are not strong enough for modern electricity usage.
  • The majority of major appliances, although they are typically more energy efficient, do not get adequate power from the older systems.  As such, there have been incidences resulting in power surges, which could cause lights to flicker and overloads. 
  • Rewiring electrical systems will enable the proper amount of wattage a modern home requires.

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