How David Trezeguet played for Pune City

David Trezeguet

David Trezeguet is one of the best forwards of his generation. He triumphed at the World Championships and European Championships together with the French national team. By the way, 1xnews – online sports news, which cover also the matches with the participation of the “three-colors team”.

David Trezeguet, like many other veterans of European football, accepted the offer to play in the Indian championship at the end of his career. David signed a contract with Pune City in 2014. In general, his career in this team turned out relatively well. The Frenchman spent 9 matches, in which he marked 2 times in the opponents’ gate.

By the way, if you are interested in online sports news about “Pune City”, you will find all the relevant information at 1xnews. Yes, Trezeguet did not win trophies with this team, but he showed a bright and dedicated game. David announced the end of his professional career immediately after the end of his contract with Pune City.

In general, his period of playing in India, was short-lived, but quite intense. To follow the success of Pune City even now, take advantage of a unique chance, which is offered by the bookmaker 1xBet app download already today. While using it, you’ll stay connected anywhere in the world.

As for the career of Trezeguet, it is important to understand that his invitation was dictated not only by sports, but also by marketing motives. Since David is quite a famous player, his performance allowed him to draw attention to this championship. By the way, the bookmaker 1xBet offers now to download the app to make the forecasts for Super League matches even more convenient. You can evaluate the advantages of the game through your phone right now.

Which benefits did Trezeguet bring to his club?

At Pune City, Trezeguet quickly became the team leader. Thanks to his experience and authority, he helped the team have a good debut campaign. Other disciplines are also covered here. For example, it is easy to find cricket betting tips from 1xnews. They apply to all tournaments.

Among the main advantages of the transfer of Trezeguet should be noted:

  1. Attracting attention to the local championship. Even neutral fans became interested in the Indian Championship.
  2. Transfer of experience and knowledge to younger partners.
  3. Quite a good game on the field. Yes, David did not score much, but he was an important performer for the attacks of the team.

Thus, the career of the Argentine-born player in India, although short, was memorable for many fans. After a season in the Super League, the forward realized that he could no longer give 100% and decided to hang up his boots on the nail.

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