How To Clean Running Shoes For Men: Hand & Machine Washing Guide

Running can take you through new adventures. The slow-moving landscapes, the heart pumping, and the sweat dripping down your forehead is the perfect way to kickstart a day. A great way to really enjoy your running time is to be comfortable in what you wear. And while you run, the most crucial aspect is the running shoes for men. 

You need the best men’s running shoes online, that are comfortable, cushioning, and above all, clean. A clean running shoe for men makes you want to run every morning like a habit. Psychologically, a dirty running shoe will not inspire you to wake up in the morning, Which is why you need shoes that are clean and comfortable to wear while you head out for the run. Like how it is famously said, a clean shoe is a fast shoe. 

There are two ways to clean running shoes for men. 

  • Handwashing 
  • Machine washing

There are some things to note before you start cleaning your shoes. Check the care label on the shoe to ensure the shoe is meant for hand washing or machine washing. 

In this article, we decode how to clean your running shoes to keep them clean and shiny for many years. 


  • Create a stain-removing solution with water and detergent or bicarb and soda with water for tougher stains. 
  • Use a brush to remove debris, grime, dirt or anything that has accumulated over the shoe surface over the period of time. 
  • Remove the laces from the running shoe and clean them separately. Apply a mild cleaning solution with hands or a brush on the laces and rinse them with water. Dab the laces with a cloth later on.
  • Using bleach and water on white laces is helpful to bring back their shine. Leave the laces in the bleach solution for at least 5 minutes, after which they can be washed by hand. Ensure that you dry them properly. 
  • Now that the laces are cleaned, it is time to deep clean the outsoles and the surfaces of the running shoes for men. Apply the cleaning solution, and using a bristle brush or a washcloth, scrub the surfaces vigorously until the dirt is removed. 
  • Dry the shoe with a cloth after you are done with it. 
  • You can now focus on the insoles of the running shoes and remove them to place them on a clean towel. Dip the insoles by dipping them in detergent water and clean the top and bottom sides of the insoles. 
  • Focus on removing stains and dirt from the toe area and the heel of the insole because maximum contact is in those areas of the insole. 
  • Clean the upper of the running shoes for men by gently scrubbing the solution with a brush or cloth. Ensure that you get to all areas of the shoe and that you clean deep through the shoe to remove all dirt and grime. 
  • Dry the insides of the running shoes for men by stuffing them with used newspapers. Crumple them up and place them inside the shoes. This helps to dry out the insides of the shoe and to remove odour and moisture altogether. 
  • Place your running shoes, insoles and the laces separately out in the open to air dry the shoe completely. Leave them overnight inside a room with a fan or out in the shade. Avoid using a dryer or out in the direct sun, as that could break down the glue and the insole material properties of the running shoe. 

Using machine washing 

  • Ensure that the running shoes for men are safe to be washed in the machine. Check for the care label and look for washing instructions. Running shoes made from cotton, polyester, or nylon are generally okay to be washed in the machine. 
  • Just like hand washing, wipe off the excess dirt with a brush and scrub the surface of the shoe before placing them in the washing machine. Remove the insoles and the laces beforehand and wash them separately for a thorough wash. 
  • Place the running shoes for men on the washing machine along with a few towels so that they don’t tumble too much inside. This adds cushioning and protection. 
  • Add the insoles and the laces inside the washing machine. Place them inside a pillowcase so that they don’t get tangled or damaged while washing. (  
  • Add detergent into the dispenser and turn the machine into delicate settings with cold water so that the shoes would not get damaged while washing. 
  • Avoid using hot water as that can affect the soles and the fabrics of the shoe. 
  • Just like how we did with hand wash after you are done with the machine wash, stuff crumpled newspapers in the shoe to absorb moisture and avoid odor. This also helps to keep the shape of the shoe intact after washing. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can running shoes for men be placed in the washing machine? 

Ensure that the care label in the shoe allows for machine wash. Place the running shoes for men in the washing machine after removing the laces and insoles. Scrub them with a brush to remove grime before placing them in the washing machine, and dry them out in the open or beneath a fan after washing. 

2. How often should running shoes for men be washed? 

Ideally, it is best to clean the running shoes every time after you run. However, because of other commitments, it usually is washed once a week, depending on the amount of cleaning that has to be done. Keep this in mind, dirt accumulation over a period of time degrades the shoe’s performance and reduces its life immensely. 

3. How long should you dry the running shoes before use? 

The exact amount of time that the shoe has to be left to dry depends on the shoe. However, use feels to gauge the level of moisture on the shoe and only use the shoe once it is completely dried. It takes around 12 hours to completely dry a typical running shoe for men. 


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