How Exam Dumps Can Help You Pass MD-100 Test and Earn Microsoft 365 Certification for Modern Desktop Administrator?

Microsoft 365 Certification

Earning a badge form Microsoft is the way to go for anyone who desires to become an expert in the IT field. Microsoft is one of the most renowned providers of IT credentials and exams and recently it has presented a new Microsoft 365 Certification program. Most badges have been replaced with their role-based counterparts, giving applicants modern skills needed to handle workplace requirements that arise due to technological advancements and hence remain relevant in the field. This improved path is divided into several categories and covers different levels of expertise, from fundamental to expert.

In this article, one of the new associate-level badges — Microsoft 365 for Modern Desktop Administrator — will be discussed in detail as well as one of its exams, namely MD-100.

Overview of Microsoft 365 Certification

Two tests, MD-100 and Microsoft MD-100 VCE Dumps , are required to earn the mentioned Microsoft 365 Certification. This badge is most appropriate for IT administrators whose job descriptions include designing, configuring, effecting, and upgrading device strategy to meet users’ requirements. However, students who had passed 70-698 exam before its expiration date on 31st March 2019 do not have to sit for MD-100 test but only need to take MD-101.

MD-100 assessment comprehensively checks your knowledge in varied domains related to Windows 10 including installing, protecting, configuring, and maintaining this technology. There are no prerequisites for taking this test. But in order to prepare and pass the exam with less difficulty, it is recommended that students have a basic understanding of operating systems, enterprise framework, and cloud-integrated resources.

MD-100 Exam Details

Exam MD-100 ‘Windows 10’ is offered in English and costs approximately $165. The major concepts tested include:

  • Deploying Windows – 15-20%

This topic involves the tasks that assess your skills in the configuration of language packs, selecting the Windows version that seems to be the most appropriate, Windows installation, carrying out an in-place update, troubleshooting for any activation issues arising and doing post-installation designs.

  • Devices and data management – 35-40%

This exam section validates a candidate’s knowledge in relation to managing Windows security, working with local groups and users in addition to implementing data access, designing data protection strategies, and managing devices applying local policies.

  • Connectivity configuration – 15-20%

This area checks your knowledge relating to configuring networks and remote access connectivity including setting up user’s settings of IP, VPN, Wi-Fi, etc.

  • Maintaining Windows – 25-30%

As for this topic, the tested concepts involve setting up data and system recovery strategies, managing updates, and monitoring the performance of Windows.

Exam MD-100 Preparation Tools

Using a variety of study resources enables students to learn all the domains tested in the assessment. Examples of preparation materials include but are not limited to:

1. Training

Training options organized by Microsoft and its learning partners are available for Microsoft MD-100 candidates. These courses are presented in the form of four interactive instructor-led sessions that should be attended offline and take a duration of 5 days on the whole. The candidates at these courses are guided by Microsoft MD-100 Exam Dumps . Also, they are available for both individuals and teams worldwide.

2. Mock tests

Most candidates have attested to exam dumps being one of the best and convenient methods of exam preparation as they can show the actual exam contents and help to make a revision of what the applicant already knows and what they need to study more. However, students should be cautious about these materials since some sources are dubious. That’s why is a recommended credible source of mock tests required to revise and pass Microsoft 365 Certification tests on the first trial. 

3. Books

Revising using books has been the conventional method of preparing for exams. They provide you with a self-paced and exhaustive study experience. MD-100 exam study guides can be obtained from online stores such as Amazon or Microsoft Press Store as e-books or in print form. An example of such books is Exam Ref MD-100 Windows 10 by Andrew Bettany and Andrew Warren published on 8th Oct 2019. It is also available on Microsoft Press Store.

4. Study communities

Study groups give applicants the opportunity to discuss challenging topics and to share materials and ideas concerning the concepts tested in MD-100. Microsoft offers one such platform to facilitate interactions among candidates which is called Microsoft Learning Network and students are urged to visit it to obtain information that may supplement other exam preparation tools.

How Can Braindumps Help?

If you choose to download exam dumps from Exam-labs, you’ll see that they are provided in the form of ete files. Therefore, a tool called the ETE Exam Simulator should be installed in order to access these materials. The ETE Software enables candidates to have a feel of the actual exam structure and environment because it allows you to set some features such as time limits when doing trial tests. has free practice questions and answers uploaded by recent test takers as well as paid premium materials that are more frequently updated and are additionally proved by experts. Currently, their MD-100 Premium Bundle contains a study guide, a training course of lectures, and 150 questions with verified answers at a price of $59,99.


In summary, being a credential holder in different IT professional pursuits brings you advantages over having none. It follows therefore that candidates should be keen during exam preparation since it is one of the most important steps in earning any Microsoft 365 Certification. Hence, effective and updated preparation tools such as books, training courses, and exam dumps from should be used. With Microsoft greatly changing to role-based certifications, this would be the ideal time to pass your MD-100 test and earn the Microsoft 365 associate-level badge for Modern Desktop Administrator. Good luck!

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