Which prepaid recharge plans have cashback offers?

You just cannot survive without a mobile phone in today’s tech-savvy era. No wonder that people are always in a rush to get the very best smartphones, with the latest features and more. Agreed, you will need these features, in what is becoming an increasingly tech enabled world. But wait, you will also need a handy prepaid plan alongside.

Basically, without a proper mobile plan alongside, you are just not utilising the powers of your smartphone to the fullest. With a prepaid plan that actually provides you the service that it promises, you can stay assured that your smartphone experience will improve by leaps and bounds. 

But looking for an appropriate plan that provides you the right service can be a challenge. With the hefty promises that telecom companies make nowadays, it is easy to get swept up and go by what you think seems good enough. However, for the very best smartphone, why should you settle so easily for just ‘good enough’? If you are indeed looking for a good prepaid mobile recharge plans, you can check out the offerings from Airtel. 

While there are plenty of offerings, you can also get multiple cash back offers when you get an Airtel prepaid connection for yourself.

Cashback offers available with Airtel prepaid

Here are some of the offers that you can get:

FASTag cashback offer

If you are frequently on the highways, you might be aware of the fact that FASTag is incredibly useful as it helps you to beat the traffic and prevents you from waiting in long queues at the toll booths. And now, with an Airtel prepaid recharge, you can get ₹100 cashback on FASTag recharge.

You can get the FASTag offer on any Airtel recharge plan that costs ₹296 or more.

Coupons worth ₹120 from Airtel Thanks

If you are making an Airtel prepaid recharge of more than ₹200, you will also get ₹40 worth of coupons, for the first 3 recharges. Hence, you now have the chance to get coupons that cost ₹120, absolutely free! Sounds great? Download the Airtel Thanks app to get these benefits today!

Remember that this offer is applicable on every Airtel prepaid plan recharge. Just ensure the recharge amount is higher than ₹200 and you will be able to take full advantage of it.

Other offers and benefits with Airtel prepaid

Cashback offers aren’t the only attraction of Airtel prepaid. You also get plenty of other benefits when you choose Airtel prepaid:

Disney+ Hotstar subscription

Want to watch Marvel movies, Disney blockbuster movies, TV shows and many more on Hotstar, but think the subscription plans are expensive? Not anymore! With Airtel’s prepaid recharge plans, you can get Hotstar absolutely free.

You will not have to pay a single dime for it. Your Hotstar subscription will be included along with your prepaid plan itself. You can claim the benefits from Airtel Thanks.

Amazon Prime Video mobile edition

Just like Hotstar, you can also get Amazon Prime Video with your Airtel prepaid recharge. Furthermore, you would not have to pay additional money for this too. The benefits are already included in your plan. Just download the Airtel Thanks app and avail the offer’s benefits from there. 

Enough data to help you through the day

Airtel prepaid data plans also have sufficient data plans that are meant to answer all your mobile data demands, throughout. Do you have a mobile data plan that often ends up getting exhausted before your day even ends? There. Now you have yet another excuse to switch your mobile service provider to Airtel. 

Furthermore, even if you do exhaust your Airtel plan’s data, you could also go for the data packs. Airtel has a broad range of mobile data packs too, which will definitely help you out when you need that extra bit of data boost.

Thus, with so many cash back offers, benefits and plans, choosing Airtel prepaid honestly seems like a great idea. To avail the benefits of your recharge plan, do download the Thanks app, which is also a great app if you want to make online bill payments. 

Get Airtel prepaid, today!

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