Dale Earnhardt JR Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

Dale Earnhardt JR Net Worth

Dale Earnhardt JR is one of the most hyped names in the NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR Xfinity Series. And why not? He is one of the most popular and successful stock car racing drivers on these speedways. To all Dale’s fans, Dale Earnhardt JR net worth is $300 million.

He managed to achieve such a high amount in his car racing career. Besides, he plays active roles as a radio personality, voice actor, presenter, and so on.

Since Dale is contributing to various fields, it is inevitable for him to have a high income. Let’s discover more about his net worth.

Who Is Dale Earnhardt JR?

Dale Earnhardt, also known as Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr., is a stock car race driver. He is better known for his participation in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. He drives the Chevrolet Camaro and performs for JR Motorsports. Dale is also known as the son of Dale Earnhardt, who is the NASCAR Cup Series champion.

Dale Earnhardt JR Net Worth

So far, Dale has a record of 26 wins, 15 poles, and 260 top tens in the NASCAR Cup Series. Then his record in the NASCAR Xfinity Series is 24 wins, 10 poles, and 94 top tens.

What Is Dale Earnhardt JR Net Worth?

Dale Earnhardt JR’s net worth is $300 million. Thanks to stock car racing career helped him reach the peak of his success.

Well, Earnhardt has a progressing record in his net worth. In 2021, his net worth was $280 million; then in 2022, it reached $285 million; in 2023, it progressed to $290 million; and now, in 2024, his net worth is $300 million.

Sources Of Dale Earnhardt JR Net Worth

Dale Earnhardt earned a lot as a race car driver. He was once the highest-paid driver till 2015. He earned $30 million alone in 2008. However, his yearly income lies between $25 million to $30 million. From endorsements, he gets around $22 million.

Dale’s house and real estate assets are also a part of his net worth. For instance, he has a 300-acre property that is worth $5.2 million. Then he has a home in Florida for $3.7 million.

As Dale is a race car driver, it is inevitable for him to have a car collection. His 2012 Daytona 500 costs $136. Then he owns a 2014 5-hour Energy 400 that costs $37.49.

This celebrity also owns private jets, like Cessna Citation Latitude and Learjet 60.

Early Life

Dale Earnhardt JR’s real name is Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. He was born on October 10, 1974, and his birthplace is Kannapolis, North Carolina. His father, Earnhardt Sr, was also a stock car driver, and his mother, Brenda Lorraine Jackson, was an employee of JR Motorsports. Lorraine’s father, Robert Gee Sr. was the car builder of NASCAR.

Earnhardt’s half-brother, Kerry, is a former driver of NASCAR, and his sister, Kelley, is a businesswoman. Dale’s parents got separated after a few years of his birth. After that, he and his sister lived with his mother. Since Brenda had no income source, she gave up the custody of her two children to their father.

Earnhardt Sr. got married to Teresa Houston after getting separated from Brenda. They both were mostly engrossed with race seasons. Meanwhile, Kelley raised Dale as a mother. He went to Oak Ridge Military Academy with Kelley when he was 12. Then he completed his education at Mooresville High School. Later on, he went to Mitchell Community College and studied automotive technology.


The racecar driver, Earnhardt, started his career at the age of 17. He participated in the Street Stock division where he used to go with his father. He drove the 1979 Monte Carlo with Kerry for the first time. After completing two seasons of Street Stock Division, Daled drove the Late Model in the Stock Car Division. He also participated in the short tracks of Carolina. Then he attended speedways in South Carolina, North Carolina, and East Carolina.

In 1996 and 1997, Dale worked for Dale Earnhardt, Inc.’s team and Ed Whitaker’s team. In this one year, he ran nine races. Then he joined Busch Series, which was his father’s team. At that time had a contract with Buckshot Jones and Dick Trickle.

Dale had a tough competition with Matt Kenseth in 1998 and 1999. Luckily, he won the NASCAR Busch Series Championships. Then he entered the Winston Cup Series. He had immense success there in 2000. Dale also won the race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Earnhardt competed against his half-brother Kerry and his father in the Winston Cup in 2000. This year he achieved two wins. Then in 2001, Dale came back to Pepsi 400 and had a record of 115 laps out of 160. Besides, he got his first victory in the Winston Cup which was the MBNA Cal Ripken Jr. 400. His other win was the EA Sports 500.

Dale received the title of contender in 2003 after winning at Talladega. Then he won at Phoenix and the Daytona 500 in 2004. Besides, he was defeated in the Busch Series and Gatorade Duel race.

Business Ventures

Earnhardt is also known as the owner of JR Motorsports with a partnership with Kelley Earnhardt Miller. This team won the NASCAR national championship in 2014. After two years, he joined Xfinity and NASCAR Cup as a guest analyst. Again, he was a commentator for NASCAR on NBC in 2018.

Dale included business in his career. In fact, he owns a production company, Hammerhead Entertainment. This company produced several shows, like “Shifting Gears” and “Back in the Day.” Then he became involved in the automobile business and owns restaurants in North Carolina. He also owns FilterTime with Blake Koch.

TV Roles

Earnhardt is a popular personality for his TV roles too. He appeared in “Playboy: Celebrity Photographers,” which was featured in 2003. Then, in 2006, he worked for “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.”

Dale worked as a host in “Back in the Day.” Also, he starred in “Yes, Dear,” “MTV Cribs,” “Shaq Vs.,” “Fast N’ Loud,” and many more shows.

Dale Earnhardt JR Net Worth

Being a versatile personality, Dale worked as a voice actor too. He gave his voice to “Scarface: The World is Yours,” a video game, “Cars,” a movie in Disney, “The Cleveland Show,” and many more.

JR has contributed to the industry as a radio personality too. He hosted “Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Unrestricted,” a show in Sirius XM Sports Nation. Then he appeared on NASCAR Thunder 2003 and achieved a name in eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series.

Personal Life

Earnhardt dated Amy Reimann for a long time and they got engaged in 2015. The next year, they tied the knot on New Year’s Eve in Lexington, North Carolina. This is the time when Dale won the “14th Most Popular Driver Award.” After his marriage, he announced his brain donation if he died.

Anyway, Dale and Amy have two children, Isla Rose Earnhardt and Nicole Loraine Earnhardt. Dale lost his mother, Brenda, a year before his children came to this world.

Reports say that Dale is dealing with kosmemophobia, i.e. fear of jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dale Earnhardt JR Net Worth?

How old is Dale Earnhardt JR?

Dale Earnhardt JR was born on October 10, 1974. So now, in 2024, he will be 49 years old.

What is Dale Earnhardt JR’s height?

Dale Earnhardt JR’s height is 6 feet.

What is Dale Earnhardt JR’s nationality?

Earnhardt belongs to the United States of America.

How much does Dale Earnhardt make per year?

Dale makes around $30 million in one year.

Final Thoughts

After spending several decades in stock car racing, Dale Earnhardt JR net worth is now $300 million. This stock car race driver has not only earned from the NASCAR Xfinity Series but also from endorsements and acting. Besides, he owns several properties, cars, mansions, investments, etc, which put a substantial portion to his net worth.

People don’t like Dale only because of his success and net worth, but also for his performances in NASCAR. He is also working as a guest analyst which helped him gain more recognition.

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