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German gamers who want to pursue their passion without facing the confines of strict rules are looking for alternatives to licensed gaming offerings in Germany.  If an online casino wants to be legally active in Germany without a license, the provider must meet some strict requirements.  However, in the end, the user will feel it.

You may have already noticed that offers have changed at legitimate online casinos in Germany without a license.  You’ll feel it when you want to step on stage.  The range of games in a legal online casino in Germany without a German license has also been adapted to the rules.  The new gaming regulation for these changes is the state treaty, the requirements of which a legal online casino without a license in Germany must meet.  What these specs look like and what they mean to you as a player will be discussed below.

Online casinos without German license

Gambling New Regulation State Treaty 2022

There have already been several attempts to control gambling in casino ohne deutsche lizenz Germany, but with little success.  For many years, Schleswig-Holstein was the only federal state to issue a license.  However, as of October 2020, other rules have come into effect, including for online casinos that were once licensed from the state further north.  Providers had to customize their range of games according to the specifications of the State Treaty on Gambling 2022 to be entitled to the license after the entry into force of the Gaming Law.

But why is it more attractive and profitable for German players to play in an online casino without a license?  This becomes clear when considering the specifications laid out in the State Treaty on Gambling, on which we should now take a closer look at:

deposit limit

Licensed casinos in Germany have a monthly deposit limit of €1,000.  This means that you cannot deposit more than €1,000 on all platforms.  This makes the game unattractive to high rollers in licensed German casinos.

Betting limits, breaks and side games

In addition to the maximum deposit, there are now betting limits for sports, offering a maximum bet of €1 per game round.  High stakes are no longer possible.  There is also a five-second pause between individual turns, which makes the game boring and unattractive.  If you used to find it exciting to play multiple slots at once, then you should say goodbye to this habit as it is no longer allowed.  This also applies if you want to play on different casino websites without a German license at the same time.  A virtual lock has also been installed here.  In general, the slots game is slow and a bit action packed.

emergency button

Every casino without a casino ohne deutsche lizenz German license must have a button that the player can press if he feels that he no longer has control over his gambling behavior. Once activated, you will not be able to play with the corresponding provider for 24 hours.

registration obligation

Even if you want to play at a casino without a German license for free and without using real money, you are still required to register on the platform.  Therefore, it is not possible to easily view the offers on the casino website without any liability.  Upon registration, the player must verify his identity by presenting the relevant documents, such as his identification or a copy of his passport for his support. 

Live casino and classic table games

The State Treaty on Gambling stipulates that slot machine games and classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat must be viewed separately.  While slot games are regulated at the German federal level, it depends on each country how many classic games they offer best online casino canada or not.

OASIS Central Lock File

Certainly, a cross-platform lock file is a useful thing when a player is having trouble keeping control of their game.  Once registered in the OASIS database, the player is excluded from all games licensed in Germany.  This applies to land-based gaming sites as well as online casinos, bingo and poker rooms, and sports betting offers.  But even though it represents pretty good protection for gamers struggling with problematic gaming behaviour, data protectionists, on the other hand, are concerned about this approach, especially since they don’t know what happens to the stored data and who can access them…

Also no progressive jackpot game

So if you are one of those players hoping to win big with progressive slots in the six to seven-point range, you must say that this is no longer possible at licensed online casinos in Germany, as all games of Jackpot are prohibited.  So there is the possibility to play popular slots like Mega Moolah or Arabian Nights in an unlicensed casino.

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